‘Melodrama’ Artist Lorde Bares Her Soul In Response To Body Shaming Bullies: ‘It Rocked My Foundations’

The release of Melodrama has pushed pop artist Lorde back into the spotlight once again, which is a position she shied away from, following her breakout success with the single “Royals” and the media frenzy that song inspired. Now, having released a number of singles from Melodrama, Lorde is again garnering public attention. However, as she now shares, the renewed fame is reminding her why she stepped back in the first place.

Lorde Recalls The Harsh Light That “Royals” Cast Upon Her

When Lorde first drew attention with the 2013 hit “Royals,” it immediately put her in the position of being judged. Certainly Lorde expected to receive criticism in regard to her music, but, as she now reveals to People, the judgments focused more on her appearance than on her singing and songwriting talents.

“It rocked my foundations and could have f***ed me, you know? I remember being made aware of my looks and my body in a way that I had never been,” shared Lorde.

The Melodrama songwriter recalls that a large group of teens and preteens had taken to social media to belittle the artist in ways that she had never before encountered. Lorde blames the criticism on jealousy. She says her critics were upset that “Royals” had overtaken their own favorite artists’ songs on the charts, so they made their attacks more personal.

Lorde, Royals

As result, Lorde says she finally found out that her eyes were abnormally far apart, which was one of the insults directed at her. The “Green Light” and “Perfect Places” singer adds that there was much more “weird sh**” used to criticize her, but says the comment about her eyes was the most ridiculous.

Melodrama Aside, Lorde Is Older And Wiser Now

As NME reports, Lorde was deeply affected by the harsh body shaming of her past time in the limelight, but she reveals that she’s older now and less susceptible to online bullying. The singer admits that she let the spiteful remarks get to her more than she should have, but points out that she was only 16 years old at the time.

Lorde feels that part of the problem was that the success of “Royals” placed her at an uncomfortably high level of fame. Garnering as much attention as she did at that young age, Lorde suggests that she was always examined and criticized in the media and on social networking sites.

Lorde, Melodrama

It has been four years since that first big hit, however, and Lorde feels the fame inspired by that chart-topper has dissipated.

That may be true, but if “Green Light” and “Perfect Places” are any indication, Melodrama may put Lorde right back on top once more.

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