Golf Caddies Brawl During PGA Tour Australian Open

Sydney, Australia – A Golf Caddies brawl during during the opening round of the Australian Open has led officials to investigate. According to Reuters, PGA Tour officials will mete out any punishments once it is complete.

Grant Buchanan and Matt Kelly exchanged blows near the putting green before Thursday’s first round at The Lakes course. Punches were thrown before the pair fell to the ground and continued wrestling in front of players and spectators. The men were eventually separated, but not before Kelly sustained a cut above his lip and was forced to leave the course to wash the blood from his face.

“A physical altercation took place between two caddies during round one of the Australian Open,” said a PGA Tour official statement. “Having spoken with those involved, there is still a need to speak with a number of other individuals who may be able to provide further information on the incident. The PGA Tour of Australasia and our members in no way condone this behavior and we are saddened the incident has drawn attention away from this great tournament.”

According to Sports Illustrated, Grant Buchanan is claiming that Matt Kelly started the golf caddies brawl:

“Matt was a good friend of mine, [or] so I thought,” Buchanan said. ”He said some things that offended me and I approached him to clarify it and clear the air, and he pretty much laughed in my face.”

The golf caddie Matt Kelly has a history of brawling. He was fined $2,600 US Dollars for recklessly causing injury and resisting police while drunk in his home town of Warrnambool, Victoria last year. But PGA Tour player Marc Leishman said that his caddie, Matt Kelly, wasn’t to blame for the bagman brawl.

“I don’t think me or Matty have got anything to worry about,” Leishman said. “I was there and he [Kelly] didn’t do anything. He stood there, copped what he got and didn’t do anything apart from that. I was proud of him, to be honest.”

The golf caddies brawl during the Australia Open is embarrassing for many who enjoy the sport. What do you think the punishment should be for these two fighting golf caddies?