Boy, 7, Killed In Gun Store Parking Lot In Pennsylvania

Mercer County, PA | A boy, 7, has been killed at a Pennsylvania gun store, and police say a tragic misfire led to a fatal gunshot wound to the child’s chest.

The boy was killed in the gun store’s parking lot, and scant details about the way the scene unfolded have been released. The 7-year-old was strapped in a booster seat at the time of the presumably accidental shooting.

According to local news sources, the boy, 7, was killed in the gun store parking lot as his father backed out of a space at Twig’s Reloading Den, located at 8388 Sharon Mercer Road in East Lackawannock Township. A CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh reports what little is known about the fatal shooting:

“The boy was shot in the upper right chest while in a booster seat in a pickup truck parked at the shop … The boy’s father said he went inside the shop to sell a .9 mm hand gun and while he was backing out of his parking space, the gun went off.”

Nicole Howard witnessed the aftermath of the boy’s shooting death at the gun store, and she explains that the fatal incident was audible from her family’s adjacent business, Howard & Son Meatpacking. Howard recalls:

“There are lots and lot of flashing lights and lots of crime tape. There was a single shot, and then the police came.”

The boy’s gun store shooting occurred this morning at 10:54 AM, and the investigation into the tragedy is being handled by the Mercer County coroner as well as local police. A website for the gun store at which the 7-year-old was fatally shot urges patrons to be “sure to start looking early for ammo, bullets or powder for this season,” as it “looks like everything will be harder to find.”