Steve Harvey Told Flint Resident To ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water’ On Radio Show

An insensitive Steve Harvey reportedly blasted a Flint resident’s criticism of the comedian’s favorite team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, by pettily joking about the Michigan city’s ongoing water crisis.

Writers for Uproxx note that the interaction took place early Wednesday during the actor’s daily Steve Harvey Morning Show, after the male listener first called in to lightly chide the 60-year-old Family Feud and Miss America presenter over the Cavaliers’ loss to the Golden State Warriors at this year’s NBA Finals.

According to the caller, the city of Cleveland didn’t “deserve jack” in the way of sympathy.

“You from Flint,” Harvey inquired the trash talker, who confirmed his hometown.

“That’s why y’all ain’t even got clean water,” Steve went on.

“When was the last time you touched water and it didn’t have lead in it?”

One of Steve’s co-hosts was then heard telling the funny man to “reel it in” and that he went a bit “too far,” but Harvey insisted that he was only referring to the trash talker, not the entirety of Flint.

“I wasn’t talking about the city of Flint, I was talking about him,” Steve shot back to the other host.

“He going to call in [and] say Cleveland don’t deserve jack, and [he’s] over there bathing in all that silver water.”

steve harvey flint

At that point, the male listener, who referred to himself as “Dee from Flint Town,” a nickname for the city that was popularized by local rap group The Dayton Family, as Urban Dictionary explains, reminded Steve that he was still very much on the line, hearing everything that Harvey had to say.

Not that Harvey seemed to mind much, however.

“One more thing,” the entertainer said, in closing.

“Enjoy your nice, brown glass of water.”

A section of the Steve Harvey Flint water bit can be heard below.

By late Wednesday afternoon, as MLive shares, reps for Harvey had released an official statement to FOX66 in Michigan to clarify the comedian’s intent regarding the “brown water” joke.

“This morning callers and I were cracking jokes about the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Golden State Warriors,” it reads, in part.

“I’m a huge [Cavaliers] fan [and] the caller and I were talking trash about our teams and cities — simply trash talking about sports. I made a joke directed at him, as he is from Flint, a city for which I have great affection and respect. The caller laughed as my joke was taken in the context it was offered.”

Harvey also alluded to prior broadcasts of The Steve Harvey Show where he raised “awareness [of] the Flint water crisis” and “pressed” then-Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton on her stance of the issues occurring in the east coast city.

“Any attempts to craft this into anything more [than trash talk] serves no one,” Harvey concluded.

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