Cops Taunt Redskins Fans Via Twitter About Arrests

Landover, MD – Cops taunt Redskins fans via Twitter about arrests made during a ‘Skins NFL football game. According to USA Today, while the Washington Redskins were dueling their way to a 17-16 win against the New York Giants during the last Monday night football match, the Prince Georges County Police Department decided have some fun of their own with drunk Redskins fans.

The Prince Georges County Police Department (PGPD) is responsible for overseeing FedExField football stadium in Landover. Cops decided to have a “Tweet Along” on Monday night, which featured live tweeting of arrests and even providing a few pictures for their 4,000 plus Twitter followers.

The tweets started off routinely, listing the statistics of the football game:

“Just 2 arrests so far at the #Redskins game and two ejections. Drunk & disorderly. #PGPDTweetAlong”

One drunk Redskins fan got a little too out of line and he was ejected from the game:

“An arrested fan is about to spend his time at #FedExField in a cell. #PGPDTweetAlong #NoRedskinsForYou”

Then the cops decided to add insult to injury by posting pictures of the arrested fan, sending him off with a “Night Night”.

The cops even tweeted about the interesting apparel that Redskins fans were bringing to the game:

“The mask belongs to a #Giants fan arrested @ #FedExField Current totals: 4 arrests, 21 ejections #PGPDTweetAlong”

What do you think about the cops at the Prince Georges County Police Department using technology like Twitter to communicate with the football game-going public? Should their reports be strictly informational or do you think it’s just part of the fun of the game for cops to taunt drunk Redskins fans?