Ariana Grande Dumped Ricky Alvarez To Clean Up Bad Reputation Following Doughnutgate Scandal?

Ariana Grande reportedly ended her romance to Ricky Alvarez in the hopes of cleaning up her reputation following the doughnutgate controversy, it has been alleged.

The singer has made some very controversial headlines in recent months, from her alleged Justin Bieber feud to firing her manager Scooter Braun. And then, of course, the infamous doughnut-licking video, where Grande would also go on to express her hatred for America.

After camera footage of Ariana licking a bunch of doughnuts surfaced on the internet, people already began to look at this pop princess differently — especially since she's known to carry herself in such a sweet manner. At least when she knows there's a camera watching her.

With that said, licking doughnuts and being heard saying you hate America shouldn't necessarily mean that Grande is a bad person. After all, many of us have said things that we tend to regret after letting certain sentences come out of our mouth, particularly when around people that understand our humor. In this case, Ariana's ex-boyfriend, Ricky, became that person who more or less co-signed every negative thing Grande was doing.

Well, it turns out that Ariana Grande knows her behavior in recent months has started to affect her career, especially when taking a closer look at the sales for her most recent album, Dangerous Woman.

While her debut single off the record, with the same title, managed to find itself a peak position at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, the album in its entirety wasn't that well received among Grande's fan base, with pure sales stalling at 129,000 in its first week. That's 40,000 less than what her 2014 sophomore record, My Everything, pulled in, before being certified platinum with worldwide sales of 1 million by the year's end.

On top of that, fans have yet to hear Ariana confirm an official tour date in support of the album, with some convinced that there won't be a tour seeing that the record didn't do as well as her record label may have hoped.

There's a lot of mixed theories about where and how Ariana Grande should take her career next, but according to Hollywood Life, the former Nickelodeon star has already distanced herself from the people she felt the need to separate herself from — starting with Ricky.
"[Ricky Alvarez] was a part of the old Ariana [Grande]. She has done a full overhaul on friends, relationships and how she treats people. It's like she has seen a light and doesn't want to be the headache she once was — she likes the new start of everything."
Firing her ex-manager Scooter Braun over a dispute with Justin Bieber, as reported by Radar Online, has also proven itself to have backfired, with some sources alluding to the idea that Grande will most certainly want to get back under Scooter's umbrella before she even thinks about recording new music.For right now, however, Grande is solely focusing her attention on getting her reputation back together — at least to the point where people no longer get the impression that she really hates America. She feels as if she's surrounded herself with the wrong people who've greatly influenced her bad decisions in the last year, and while firing Scooter may have been a mistake, letting go of her ex-boyfriend wasn't.

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