‘Star Wars: Han Solo’ Movie Crew Shirts Reveal Title Logo?

The Star Wars: Han Solo movie is the next flick in the anthology series, and the film will include many talented actors. Now, an image that may reveal the anthology film’s logo has been posted on social media. According to La Fosa Del Rancor, they discovered a production crew shirt that could be associated with the movie. The photo was originally made available through Star Zone Toys’ Instagram.

If you’re into puns, this product would probably cause enthusiastic Star Wars/Han Solo fans celebrate, considering its witty “We shot first.” caption on the shirt. The other photo revealed a possible logo, with “Star Wars” on top, “Solo” in the middle, and then “Crew 2017” on the bottom. The cool thing about the design is manufacturers replaced the “L” in “Solo” with Han’s DL-44 blaster.

However, Star Wars News Net had confirmed that its sources revealed that the title of the flick would not be “Solo,” but other posts kept popping up with similar t-shirts. “Update 2,” which was listed by La Fosa Del Rancor, posted what looked to be a stunt crew shirt with yet another logo title, but it was named “Han Solo” with the “L” blaster still included.

So, is it just a coincidence that two almost identical logos would have Han Solo’s blaster in them? Fans on social media, including Star Wars News Net’s Twitter, felt it was pretty awesome. That said, there’s no way to be sure that the creativity of the makers would be in sync with those who think it is a great idea.

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The production name of the film project at this point is “Red Cup,” and the previous saga movies were “AVCO” for The Force Awakens and “Space Bear” for The Last Jedi. However, when production materials were handed out, the sagas’ numbers were printed on the items.

Star Wars Han Solo Movie

It seems that La Fosa Del Rancor theorized that in lieu of unusual code-like names that were used as labels for the two saga films, it could be possible the crew decided to be more stylish in its coding while keeping things on the down-low.

Star Wars: Han Solo movie fans will probably learn the name of the flick at the D23 Expo in early July.

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