‘My 600-lb Life’ Paula Update: Paula Has Found Love As She Takes Back Her Life And Loses 400 Lbs

Paula Jones is arguably one of the most likable patients that have ever been featured in My 600-lb Life. While she initially had a tendency to come up with reasons when she was confronted by obstacles on her weight-loss journey, Paula eventually proved driven enough to lose as much as 400 pounds since being featured on the show. Now, as shown in her personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, Paula appears to have taken full control of her life as she completely abandoned her unhealthy eating habits. In fact, Paula recently revealed that she found a new partner, who could only be described as her perfect match.

Paula’s journey in My 600-lb Life was rife with challenges, and during her initial episode in the hit reality TV show, there were numerous times when it seemed like she would not be able to lose the weight she needed to. After losing her husband to weight problems, Paula was extremely motivated to lose all her excess weight, especially since she has four children to take care of. Despite moving to Texas to be closer to Dr. Now, however, Paula gained weight, and she ultimately had to go on an all-liquid diet before she was greenlighted for a gastric bypass surgery. Since then, however, Paula has been on a roll, taking back her life and moving forward in her journey towards full recovery.

Paula maintains an active Facebook and Instagram account, the former being her primary way of communicating with her supporters, as well as viewers and avid fans of My 600-lb Life. Over the years since appearing on the show, Paula has managed to give her social media followers a clear account of her personal life and weight loss progress. Needless to say, her journey is just as fascinating as it is encouraging.

First off, Paula now looks pretty phenomenal. In her official Instagram page, she has shared numerous candid snapshots of her daily life, including her trips to the gym. Looking at the photos that she has uploaded over the months, it seems that she has completely gotten rid of all the excess weight she wanted to remove.

Gym fresh! Feeling my muscles burn #biceps #pumpedup #paulaspurpose !

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This is not all, however, as Paula has also shared a heartwarming update to her personal life recently. Early last month, Paula admitted to her followers that she has found a new partner and that they have been amazingly in love over the past year. According to Paula, her new partner is a father and grandpa, who is extremely compassionate, responsible and God-fearing. She did, however, admit that her new partner is a very private person. Thus, his identity would remain a mystery for now.

“I’ve been dating this wonderful man for one whole year! He is kind, funny, compassionate, loving, understanding, affectionate, honest, thoughtful, stable, helpful, responsible, reliable, hard working, God fearing, protective, health conscious, and sexy! He is very shy. He chuckles like a schoolboy when I smile at him! I can go on as I feel like the luckiest girl alive!

“He is a father and grandpa. He is good to my children and grandchildren. He is wonderful! I have never posted his picture on FB. While I am very public, he is very private. We are going for professional pics and he said I could post one of them. For now he will remain a mystery but let me tell you, God hooked me up! He is my perfect sunset!”

Considering the trials that she had to undergo since she was first featured in My 600-lb Life, it is difficult not to admire Paula for her tenacity and determination to get her life back from morbid obesity. Now that she has done that, Paula still shows no sign that she is slowing down.

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