‘All Eyez On Me’ Post-Credits Scene: Is There A Revelation About Tupac’s Death Hidden At The End?

All Eyez on Me is hitting theaters this weekend, and those who see the Tupac Shakur biopic will want to know if there’s a post-credits scene to keep them in the seats all the way to the end and possibly give some new insight into the rapper’s death.

For those who may not be familiar — or never bothered to wait until the very end — the post-credits scene is a short final scene tucked after all the credits have ended that usually wraps up a loose plot line. They are most common in action and adventure movies and a staple of the superhero genre, but when it comes to rap biopics, it’s a lot tougher to guess whether there will be a final scene.

So, does All Eyez on Me have a post-credits scene?

While the early reviews of the movie have not definitely said if there’s a post-credits scene, some early viewers made mention of a final scene and the YouTube page Movie Endings Xplained noted that there is indeed a post-credits scene that could actually set the stage for a prequel that shows more of the early life of Tupac Shakur.

While none of these are a solid indication that there is a post-credits scene in All Eyez On Me, it could be enough for viewers to stay and check it out.

Given the mysterious nature of Tupac’s death, many viewers go into All Eyez on Me hoping that the movie might shed some light on his still-unsolved murder. In the more than 20 years since he was killed following a boxing match in Las Vegas, there have been plenty of theories about who killed Tupac including a recent revelation from former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight that it was the label’s head of security who killed Tupac in what was a failed attempt to kill Knight.

As BET noted, Knight made the revelation through a signed affidavit. It seems unlikely though that director Benny Boom would address such speculation in a post-credits scene for All Eyez on Me — or anywhere in the movie, for that matter.

So with no clear answer before the movie’s release, viewers who want to find out if there’s a post-credits scene in All Eyez on Me may just have to wait and find out.

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