‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina’s New Romance Shocker – ‘GH’ Girl Couple Rumor – 5 Reasons It’s Great

General Hospital spoilers say that when Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) gets a new love interest over the summer, it’ll be another same-sex romance. Some GH rumors tease it could be gabby gossipy nurse Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken) that pairs up with Kristina. General Hospital spoilers for summer from Soap Opera Digest promised that Kristina would get a hot romance and would continue to explore her gender fluid love interests. That rumored romance could be with Amy. Here’s why it could happen and why it would be amazing.

#1 Kristina and Amy live together

Did you know that? Recent General Hospital spoilers revealed that Kristina and Amy are roommates, so they’re already near one another. That means Kristina and Amy spend a lot of time together and, let’s face it, Amy is strikingly beautiful. There’s also the fact that Amy is close in age to Kristina, unlike Krissie’s last lady lover Parker Forsyth (Ashley Jones), who was way too old for her!

#2 Kristina hinted at her crush recently

Kristina works at Perks, the coffee shop owned by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). New General Hospital spoilers showed us Krissie stopped by Kelly’s and saw Amy with Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). Krissie said she was there to “check out the competition.” What she might mean was Nathan is her competition for Amy – and was not talking about the coffee at Kelly’s. That was a big GH spoilers hint.


#3 Amy and Nathan will not hook up

General Hospital rumors have teased that Amy and Nathan will couple up, but that doesn’t seem likely. Nathan is not a cheater. Nathan and Amy are bonding over the Man Landers advice column she’s writing using his pic as the fake author, but business is all that’s happening. In fact, GH spoilers reveal that Amy will play a key role in Nathan luring his wife Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) back to town.

#4 Amy’s GH crush rejects her

As handsome as Nathan is, General Hospital spoilers say he’s not the guy that Amy has her eye on. Dillon Quartermaine (Robert Palmer Watkins) is Amy’s real crush, but he’s with Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Amy and Dillon are working together on their Port Charles high school class reunion, but GH spoilers predict when Amy flirts, Dillon will shut her down, and Amy’s feelings will be hurt.


#5 Kristina will comfort Amy

General Hospital rumors hint that when Amy’s down about Dillon rejecting her, Kristina takes a chance on romance and could make a move on her beautiful roommate. If so, no doubt Amy will be stunned but also flattered that Kristina is crushing on her. A first kiss could lead to a stunning new romance. Kristina already told Sonny how cool Amy is and how much she likes her roommate – and soon there could be more!

Kristina with Amy is a bold choice for GH romance

While General Hospital spoilers hint at a possible romance for Kristina and Amy, there’s a chance there could be a backlash. Some fans don’t like Nurse Amy and won’t want Kristina tangled up with her. However, many other GH fans want Kristina back in a romance. Pairing Amy with Kristina would be a bold choice for the ABC soap. First, because it’s a same-sex romance and, second, because Amy is a non-traditional beauty.


Risa Dorken slams back at body shamers

Of the roster of General Hospital cast members, Risa Dorken is one of the few that looks like a “real woman.” She’s beautiful but not stick thin as so many soap actresses are these days. When Risa posted a pic of herself in her GH scrubs, some Twitter trolls called her fat. Risa slammed back and said, “I happen to like the way I look. It’s other people who have the problem with it.”

Risa posted a lengthier response on Instagram to body shamers saying, “My body is curvy, always has been. To me, curvy means so much more than “fat.” It means powerful, strong, feminine, beautiful, and human.” Good for Risa for hitting back. She is beautiful and carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t matter.

General Hospital costars tweeted support to Risa

Many of Risa Dorken’s General Hospital costars tweeted out support to their coworker on social media over the trolls and her brilliant response to them. Elizabeth Webber portrayer Rebecca Herbst sent a supportive message, as did Sonny Corinthos actor Maurice Benard. Michelle Stafford, who plays Nina Clay on General Hospital, also chimed in with a kind message.


If this rumored GH romance between Amy and Kristina happens, there will surely be ruffled feathers but, for General Hospital, it’s a chance to explore all kinds of love and beauty in a hot summer romance. What do you think about Kristina and Amy falling in love? Come back for more General Hospital spoilers for summer.


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