Scott Hall Is In Phenomenal Shape And WWE Is Giving The Hall Of Famer Credit For It

It is no surprise to any wrestling fan that Scott Hall has had his fair share of demons to fight over the years, but he’s been trying to clean up his act and his life. With the help and support of some friends, especially Diamond Dallas Page, he has started to turn things around, get healthy, and become happy again. That’s why it is good for wrestling fans to see him in the best shape he’s been in for a long time, and WWE even brought attention to it.

After his wrestling career had pretty much come to a standstill, Scott Hall ended up falling into almost complete disrepair. As Fox Sports pointed out, it was in 2011 that he struggled horribly with addiction and watched his health start to quickly unravel and go downhill.

There were times Scott would no-show events, and he was even caught on camera at other shows in a state where he could barely walk, and he was slurring his words. It seemed like things had already fallen too far for the former champion in WWE and WCW, but there was hope.

After moving in with Diamond Dallas Page and learning the world of DDP Yoga, Hall has turned his life around, and it shows.

Yes, that is Scott Hall at 58-years-old and looking more like he did during his ways in WWE as Razor Ramon.

Scott Hall first posted that pic in response to a fan on Twitter who goes by the handle of @MightMolly. She posted a pic of Hall as Razor Ramon for her “Man Crush Monday,” and it actually brought about a response from the bad guy.

Hall told Molly that picture is from when he was on the road doing “300 shows a year and not missing any parties.” She told him it’s “finding balance,” and that is when Hall posted the latest pic of himself and said, “Not partying or traveling as much.”

The official website of WWE even noticed his pic on Twitter and gave Hall credit for turning heads with his “incredibly transformed body.” After struggling with weight and health problems, WWE mentioned how Hall credited DDP for turning things around and wished him continued success.

Scott Hall has truly come a long way from being one of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling and then going down a path of hard times in his life. With the help of Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga, and the support of so many fans, he’s turned things around and has become healthy again. The recent pic he showed off his great physique and shape on Twitter is a promising sign to his fans that “The Bad Guy” is doing well again.

[Featured Image by WWE]