Matt Hardy Shows Off His Title Collection, Lets A Current ‘Raw’ Champion Know That He Is Coming For His Belt

The Hardy Boyz recently lost the Raw Tag Team Titles and failed in their rematch, which has rumors of their split and single competitor runs picking up speed. Their loss to Sheamus and Cesaro at Extreme Rules was their first defeat since returning to WWE, and they didn’t get their titles back in a rematch this week on Monday Night Raw. Now, Matt Hardy appears to have his eyes on another title, a singles championship, and it is one he’s never held before.

After losing the tag straps for Sheamus and Cesaro at Extreme Rules, many believed this would be the start of a path to splitting up the Hardy Boyz. Sportskeeda reported that the loss could lead to an eventual split for Matt and Jeff, which would allow them to have singles careers in WWE.

They were off of television for a week as Matt’s wife, Reby, gave birth to their second child, but they returned this week, only to lose again to Sheamus and Cesaro. The day after the loss, Matt Hardy hopped on Twitter to showcase part of his title belt collection

Of course, it doesn’t hold every title belt as Matt has never been a world champion of any kind in WWE, but there is another one obviously missing.

Shortly after posting his collection, current Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, decided to respond to Matt and let him know it would be difficult to collect his belt.

In true “broken” fashion, Matt was quick to respond back to The Miz with some words that signify he is interested in capturing the longtime WWE championship.

A number of keen-eyed fans did happen to notice the ironic twist of fate (pun intended) that Matt Hardy’s blue Tag Team Title actually has the nameplate of The Miz on it.

Right now, The Miz has been involved in a feud with Dean Ambrose for months, and it even stretches back to their time on SmackDown Live. This past Monday night on Raw, the feud continued, but it also seems as if Ambrose is starting up a program with Elias Samson as well.

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If Ambrose moves on to feud with Samson, it could leave The Miz without anyone chasing his Intercontinental Title, and a program with Matt Hardy would certainly be interesting.

For the time being, Matt and Jeff are continuing on Monday Night Raw as the Hardy Boyz are chasing after the tag team titles. There will come a time when they go their separate ways and pursue singles championships, but it’s hard to know when that may be. If it is anytime soon, The Miz may want to watch his back as Matt Hardy would definitely love to add an Intercontinental Title reign to his long list of accomplishments.

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