James T. Hodgkinson Facebook, Twitter Photos: Virginia Shooter Has Bernie Sanders Facebook Profile Pictures

James T. Hodgkinson has been named as the man who opened fire on a baseball practice held by Republican members of Congress early in the morning on Wednesday, June 14, in Alexandria, Virginia, according to the Washington Post. James Hodgkinson, from Belleville, Illinois, has a Twitter account at @JTHInspections, and James is listed as a home inspector on Twitter. According to the publication, Hodgkinson is a 66-year-old man, who was a home inspector, but he did not have his home inspection license renewed in November 2016, after it expired, according to Illinois state records.

Hodgkinson experienced legal troubles in April 2006, when he was charged with battery and damaging a vehicle, according to records in St. Clair County, Illinois. However, those charges were dismissed. On Twitter, only had four tweets, with the most recent tweet being published to Twitter on April 5.

“I’m asking to support ‘s filibuster of ‘s right-wing nominee. h/t

The Twitter page of also went on to repeat the same tweet, tagging @SenateDems instead of Senator Durbin.

“I’m asking to support ‘s filibuster of ‘s right-wing nominee. h/t

Then on March 22, 2016, published a tweet tagging Ed Schultz.

“Ed Schultz@edshow, I would Like to Know why Bernie Topped Tax Code at 52% & $10Mil. I recomm. 70% at $50Mil.”

The first tweet from Hodgkinson’s from 2014 shows him saying hello to another Twitter user. Hodgkinson joined Twitter in January 2014.


While Hodgkinson’s motive for the alleged shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others, as reported Heavy, has not yet been confirmed, his Twitter and Facebook pages offer more information.

According to CNN, Hodgkinson likely used a white van with Illinois license plates as his shooting point. According to Marika Shaub, the above photo appears to be that of Hodgkinson on Twitter.

On Facebook, Hodgkinson’s account lists him as the former owner of JTH Inspections, as well as the former owner at JTH Construction. Hodgkinson studied at SIU Edwardsville and studied fight training at Southwestern Illinois College. Hodgkinson’s Facebook page says he attended BTHS West, and he lives in Belleville, Illinois. At this point, Hodgkinson is in critical condition.


On the Facebook page of Hodgkinson, plenty of photos of Bernie Sanders can be seen. James is already receiving plenty of heated comments from people on either side of the political debate about guns and gun control and additional issues.

Additional photos from the Facebook page of Hodgkinson show that he was a fan of the Inequality for All, a feature documentary film.

Other photos show a man standing in front of the American Society of Home Inspectors sign holding a certificate.

[Featured Image by Twitter/James Hodgkinson]