Melania On Twitter: Thank You To First Responders In #VAShooting

First Lady Melania Trump has taken to Twitter to offer her thanks for the emergency personnel who responded to the shooting in Virginia on Wednesday, June 14. Melania’s Twitter page expressed her gratitude for everyone who risked their own lives to save those who were injured in Alexandria.

“Thank you to the first responders who rushed in to help protect those who were hurt in Alexandria, VA. My thoughts & prayers to everyone!”

President Donald Trump also expressed concern on Twitter for those hurt in the Virginia shooting, calling Congressman Steve Scalise a true friend and a patriot, one who was hurt badly in the shooting. Mr. Trump also offered his prayers.

Along with Scalise being shot in Virginia, at least one aide was also shot, reports FOX 13 News Tampa Bay.

The shooting occurred when an unnamed gunman opened fire on the group of lawmakers. The Delray area of Alexandria, Virginia, is right outside of Washington, D.C. The call that came in to police about the shooting in the 400 block of E. Monroe Street at approximately 7:30 a.m. has caused for an overabundance of caution for protection at the White House as well. According to Google Maps, the shooting location at the baseball field is only a short 21-minute drive to the White House.

Virginia shooting
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The neighborhood in Delray is being called a normally quiet, nice, and bucolic neighborhood. On weekends, the area is called “stroller central” with all the parents and young children that proliferate the area, which was intentionally designed not to have a lot of franchises in the area. With the shooting location being near a YMCA and a dog park, bullet holes have been seen in the glass of the YMCA, at a location where people normally workout on the treadmills.

According to CNN, Scalise was shot in the hip and dragged himself across the baseball field in an attempt to get to safety in the hail of bullets. Scalise is currently in stable condition and is undergoing surgery. Scalise was able to speak to his wife by phone and was in good spirits, according to a statement read on CNN.

Virginia shooting
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Melania has gained thousands of likes on Twitter for her statement about the Virginia shooting.

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