Katy Perry Accidentally Flashes Bare Butt During Live Stream

Move over Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry’s butt is the celebrity booty currently making headlines.

As those who follow Katy Perry know, the singer decided to live stream her entire life for four days in order to promote her album “Witness.” For those who hoped to catch a more revealing glimpse of Katy Perry during the live streaming event, you may have just gotten your wish as the singer experienced a revealing wardrobe malfunction.

According to Hollywood Life, Perry was getting a massage on June 11 when she accidentally flashed her bare butt because of the wardrobe issue. International Business Times reveals the singer decided to take a page from the Big Brother playbook after moving into a nine-bedroom apartment. The singer equipped the apartment with 42 cameras in order to document and live stream her life for 96 straight hours. Perry made the live steam available on her YouTube channel for her followers to enjoy. She encouraged her fans to be her “Witness” by watching her live stream.

Hollywood Life notes that most aren’t too surprise to learn Katy Perry accidentally flashed her bare butt during the life stream. After all, you live stream every moment of your life for four days in a row, and you are bound to do a few things you wouldn’t normally want people to see.

The singer was on a massage table getting a massage – while thousands of her fans were watching – when she went to readjust herself on the table. Readjusting caused her blanket to slip which allowed thousands of eyes to take a peek at her bare butt.

Katy Perry Live streamed her life to promote new album
Katy Perry [Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]

Despite the wardrobe malfunction flashing Katy Perry’s bare butt, most of her fans agree the live stream has been a pretty interesting event. In fact, Katy had a number of different celebrity guests make appearances during the live stream including Caitlyn Jenner, Mario Lopez, Arianna Huffington, Chef Gordon Ramsey, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Katy Perry fans got to watch as the singer did all sorts of activities including sleeping, cooking, coloring her hair, watching television, and grooming her dog. Fans even got to see a few moments of a more serious side of Katy Perry as she talked to DeRay McKesson about race and religious and Caitlyn Jenner about politics.

Even with all of the celebrity guests featured during Katy Perry’s live stream and all of the everyday activities her fans got to watch, it is Katy Perry’s butt that people can’t seem to stop talking about.

Did you catch a glimpse of Katy Perry’s butt during her live stream event?

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]