Is Tom Selleck Leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 8? Actor Teases Big Twist Ahead For Frank Reagan

Blue Bloods Season 8 may have serious consequences and big changes ahead for the Reagan family following the events that took place in the Season 7 finale of the CBS drama. Tom Selleck discusses what’s ahead for his character, Frank Reagan, and whether he has any plans of leaving the show following its eighth season.

Blue Bloods Season 8 is still a couple of months away from its premiere on CBS, but the cast and crew are already telling fans to brace themselves for the big changes ahead. On the Season 7 finale titled “The Thin Blue Line,” Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) has become a target of a big drug cartel in Mexico, which will put him and his entire family in danger.

Mayor Poole (David Ramsey) has also announced his resignation, which means that Blue Bloods Season 8 will see a new mayor take over his position. In an interview with Parade, Tom Selleck teased that Poole’s resignation will have some major consequences for his character, Frank Reagan.

According to the 72-year-old actor, Frank will be forced to change and viewers can expect to see a “very good twist” for the character on Blue Bloods Season 8. This led to speculations that Frank will also resign from his position as commissioner since there have been rumors that Selleck is planning to leave his role on the CBS drama.

There have been no indications, however, that Tom Selleck will exit Blue Bloods Season 8. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Selleck admitted that while his and the rest of the casts’ contracts are up on the eighth season, the show still has a lot more stories to tell.

“I know all of our deals are up at the end of eight seasons, and I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think CBS would be crazy not to continue it.”

Selleck said that he has no intentions of leaving Blue Bloods as long as the writers come up with ways to challenge him as an actor. The actor explained that one of the things that drew him into playing the role of Frank Reagan in the show is the fact that the series focuses on its characters instead of issues.

Selleck believes that Blue Bloods Season 8 will continue to grow through the years, much like his former drama, Magnum P.I. did. The CBS drama recently celebrated a new milestone after airing its 150th episode on TV and the drama continues to be one of the highest-rated and most watched shows on the network.

Do you think Blue Bloods Season 8 should be the final season? What do you think will happen to Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan following the resignation of Mayor Poole?

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