‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Caleb Reynolds Reveals If He Will Appear On ‘BB19’

Big Brother 19 spoilers are just now starting to roll in with only five days until CBS announces the new season cast. There have been so many rumors about who could return to BB19, including multiple fake Twitter leaks that fooled the biggest superfans. In the past few weeks, it has been suggested that Caleb “Beast Mode Cowboy” Reynolds, Zach Rance, and Victor Arroyo could return for another shot at the $500,000 grand prize.

Will Caleb Return For Big Brother 19?

Big Brother 19 spoilers suggested that Caleb could want to return to BB19 this season. It was all based on a cryptic tweet that he sent in March. Reynolds posted to social media that his reality TV journey wasn’t over. It created a fan frenzy, speculating that it could have been a hint that he joined the cast of Big Brother.

On Tuesday, June 13, Caleb posted to Twitter that he isn’t going to be on Big Brother this season, but he was keeping “his options open” for Season 20 next summer. Many BB19 fans believe that Season 20 will be All-Stars 2.

It was a crushing blow for the BB19 fans to learn that Reynolds would not appear in Big Brother. However, the fan understood it— Caleb’s wife, Ashley is expecting a baby girl in the fall.

CBS Has Kept A Lid On Spoilers For BB19

Typically, some spoilers get out by early June. However, this year, the only spoilers we have seen are likely fake and will turn out to be completely inaccurate. The only thing we know for sure, at this point, is CBS will reveal the Big Brother 19 cast on Monday, June 19 and the house reveal will be on Tuesday, June 20.

CBS hasn’t confirmed if it will be all new cast or returning players or perhaps it could be a mix of the two. There have been rumors that Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Bachelor alum would join the cast.

Big Brother 19 fans, are you upset that Beast Mode Cowboy is not joining the cast this season? Do you think the cast will be new, returning, or a mix of the two?

Big Brother 19 returns June 28 with a two-hour season premiere on CBS.

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