New ‘Overwatch’ Moon Map, Horizon Lunar Colony, Releases Next Week With Lower Gravity

In Overwatch lore, the Horizon Lunar Colony is a base on the moon where scientists ran experiments on gorillas. Winston, a gorilla with super intelligence and a Tesla Cannon, escaped the moon when the gorillas rioted. Now, all agents of Overwatch will get to visit Winston’s home when the Horizon Lunar Colony map releases next week.

The new assault map with sections of lowered gravity will be available starting on June 20 according to the game’s Twitter account. Players will see where Winston grew up and see the current condition of the colony after the gorillas took over the base. Different areas of the map mirror what was seen in the Recall animated short, too.

Alongside the new map, a new patch will also release next week for Overwatch. The content is currently on the public test realm with changes to several characters. The upcoming patch will also introduce lowered gravity to custom games as an option according to the official patch notes. Not to mention, the skins previously exclusive to cross-game events for Genji and D.Va will be added to normal loot boxes for the game.

As for characters, McCree will see that improvements to his ultimate ability Deadeye and Reaper’s passive will change. Deadeye begins locking onto targets quicker and Reaper’s passive no longer generates health orbs. Instead, Reaper will heal for 20 percent of all damage done to heroes. Roadhog’s gun is also being adjusted next week. Bullet damage is being lowered but the fire rate is being increased.

Outside of the base, players will experience lowered gravity [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

With the release of the new assault map to Overwatch next week, players are likely to see a hero release sometime after. Hero and map releases are alternated as post-launch content releases. Ana, Sombra, and Orisa, for instance, released separately from new maps like Eichenwalde and Oasis. As the Inquisitr reported, the lore behind the Horizon Lunar Colony mentions a missing, smaller specimen named Hammond but there is no indication that he will be a playable hero.

Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony map release date
The new assault map is the first one off-planet [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

Overwatch continues to update for free with new content like maps, heroes, and modes. Events are also common in the FPS, and the Anniversary event just ended this week. Players can expect returning events and other new content as the year progresses.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]