Ed Asner Asks Fox News Reporter, ‘Can I P**s On You?’ [Video]

Ed Asner has provoked the ire of Fox News after asking a reporter from the network, “Can I p**s on you?”

The conflict between Ed Asner and Fox News began when it was revealed the 83-year-old actor had narrated an animated short by the California Federation of Teachers that showed wealthy people urinating on the poor.

The video sparked an immediate response from Fox, with network personality Sean Hannity labeling it a “disgusting hit piece” and “propaganda.” On Wednesday, Hannity played a clip from the short on his show, including the “urinating” segment.

Hannity then cut to footage of Asner being interviewed by a Fox News producer outside the New York City theater. The dialogue between the pair ran something like this:

FOX: You remember the video? You know what I’m talking about?
ASNER: I don’t remember a thing I said on it or a word I said on it, but I agreed to do it for California schoolteachers. I approve this message.
FOX: Okay. I think the most controversial part that people are talking about, there’s a part of it where it’s talking about things trickling down, and they have rich people peeing on poor people.
ASNER: How disgusting. Should be reversed.
FOX: So you don’t remember –
ASNER: Do you have any money?
FOX: Yeah.
ASNER: Can I p**s on you?

With Asner’s question left tantalizingly in the air, the show cut back to a disapproving Hannity. “Pretty classy, Mr. Asner,” tut-tutted the Fox News host. “I guess it’s true there’s really no business like showbusiness.”

Hannity then invited Fox favorite Michelle Malkin to shriek uninterrupted for almost four minutes straight, with the author reasoning:

“The [California Federation of Teachers] has to make up this urination business. Well, you got [Occupy demonstrators] pooping on police cars. Show that to schoolkids.”

You can watch the original California Federation of Teachers short below, as well as Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin’s response.