Burger King Brawl Erupts Between Employees And Customer In Viral Video

In a Houston Burger King fast-food eatery, a man who appears to be unruly definitely did not have it his way in a confrontation with several workers that some news outlets describe as a “Whopper.”

In the NSFW cell phone video embedded below, the agitated man wearing a walking boot and shouting obscenities (allegedly including a racial slur) starts trashing the front counter of the restaurant.

The man then pushes an employee who approaches him, which was a bad idea. The employee punches the man in the face twice, with the second blow sending the customer to the floor. Someone else (either an employee or a customer) stands on him to subdue him, and then a female employee zaps him with a Taser and kicks him. Another man slaps the customer in the face before he’s chased out of the store.

According to Houston ABC affiliate KTRK, the man was homeless and had been pepper-sprayed in an earlier visit to the same Burger King outlet, so the second time was definitely not the charm.

The TV station added that Burger King has yet to issue a statement about the incident, but watch this space for updates.

It’s undetermined from the minute-and-a-half video, which perhaps gives a new meaning to “don’t mess with Texas,” whether anyone called the cops during the altercation.

Reacting to the Houston Burger King Brawl, the Half-Glass website quipped that the BK employees functioned almost with the precision of a pit crew and suggested that other companies take notice for team-building purposes.

“What an epic display of team work. Forget the extravagant Silicon valley group building retreats, if you want your employees to bond and learn how work well with one another, drop them in an outdated Burger King for a weekend and they will find out REAL quick what ‘synergy’ is all about.”

Separately, a woman described by a witness as “extremely hangry” climbed over the counter and brawled with a female McDonald’s manager last week. A customer waiting at the drive-thru filmed the Des Moines, Iowa, encounter through the open window.

Cops are still looking for the female suspect — who was reportedly upset that her McChicken sandwich was taking too long — and her two male companions and have asked the public’s help in identifying them.

While there has been a lot of chatter about raising the minimum hourly wage in the fast-food sector, do you think that fast-food workers should also receive hazardous duty pay? Are fast-food outlets getting more violent, or do we just find out about it more because of camera phones and social media?

[Featured Image by David Hunter/AP Images]