‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Nicole’s Shocking Court Verdict Revealed

Days of Our Lives fans will know there’s been a huge saga between Nicole and Chloe over who gets to keep baby Holly. We saw Nicole steal her own biological baby after the judge ruled that Holly should stay with Chloe.

Days of Our Lives audiences saw Brady help Nicole in running with baby Holly, and for a while, she was safe as she stayed outside of Salem. However, as fans know, nothing truly lasts forever, and Nicole had to return to Salem. Most people thought she would be judged harshly after she broke the law, not to mention ignoring the judge’s prior ruling.

However, Days of Our Lives spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that she’s getting away with a lighter punishment. After she admitted to the judge that she had absolutely no remorse, the results from the hearing came as a huge shock to everyone involved. In the end, Days of Our Lives fans will learn the judge decided to give her community service.

Everyone who’s keeping up with the ongoing saga of Days of Our Lives knows she would do everything in her power to keep her biological daughter, and she said as much at the hearing. This doesn’t exactly sound like a woman who’s learned a lesson. So how did Nicole get off so easily? Spoilers state that it was Chloe’s soft words about her actions that made the judge rule easier on her. In the end, she dodged years of jail time, so she should be thanking Chloe if anything.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Nicole will, in fact, be grateful toward Chloe. However, this isn’t really the result she had hoped for. Holly’s arrangements won’t change, so she won’t be granted custody, but at least she has her freedom. As it stands, Chloe will raise Holly as her own, and she will just have to deal with letting go and staying around from the situation.

Will Chloe eventually give the baby back? With the way she’s been acting toward her, we wouldn’t rule this out. That said, she’d better do it fast because actress Arianne Zucker is leaving Days of Our Lives pretty soon.

What do you think of these spoilers? Was the judge too lenient?

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