‘Days Of Our Lives’ Marci Miller Speaks Out On Stepping In As Abigail Behind Kate Mansi

Days of Our Lives fans weren’t happy when Kate Mansi left the role of Abigail. She had been a fan-favorite for a long time. It would have been hard for anyone coming into the role to win the fans over right away. Marci Miller, however, seemed to settle in as the new face of Abigail rather quickly.

Days of Our Lives knows it isn’t always the best bet to replace a popular actor on the show. Often times, the fans have become so accustomed to a particular person in the role, that it is never quite the same. It is a gamble they decided to take when award-winning Kate Mansi left the show. Days of Our Lives casting director, Marnie Saitta. saw something in Marci Miller that was exactly what she was looking for. To everyone’s delight, Marci managed to pick up the role and make it her own quickly. The transition was so smooth and seamless, in fact, that it led to Marnie Saitta winning her first Daytime Emmy Award just this year. After having been nominated eight previous times, she was long overdue for a win.

In the backstage interviews conducted after Saitta received the award, she gave credit to Marci Miller for doing such a great job and being a part of her winning. The Days of Our Lives actress said that she was “humbled” by even being mentioned by Marnie in the interviews. Marci feels a lot of gratitude for the casting director as well. She says that Marnie changed her life in so many ways when she cast her into the role.


According to Soap Central, Marci Miller is thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment of Marnie Saitta. The actress says that she is a constant support on the set of Days of Our Lives. Cheering the actors on and giving them praise for their accomplishments.

Marci Miller came to Days of Our Lives with no soap opera experience. She had been in a few movies, however. It wasn’t that she had no acting experience. Just not a lot of it and very limited in a series. Days of Our Lives fans were very vocal on social media the first few weeks that Marci Miller was on the set. Fans were not happy with the character. It wasn’t that they didn’t like Miller. It was that they missed Kate Mansi. For Days of Our Lives fans, Kate was a tough act to follow.


There have been some rumors regarding another possible re-cast. EJ Dimera, formerly played by James Scott, is rumored to be another character the Days of Our Lives executives may want to put a replacement in. Of course, nothing has been verified at this time, but the rumors and speculation are out there. Many fans on social media have already said there is no one that can fill the shoes of James Scott. The problem is, if Days of Our Lives wants to resurrect EJ it will likely be with a new actor, as James Scott has said he is no longer interested in working on soap operas.

Of course, if any official word comes out on the rumors of EJ’s return, the Inquisitr will let you know right away. Check back with us for all the latest on Days of Our Lives.

What to you think of Marci Miller in the role of Abigail? Was she a good replacement for Kate Mansi? What do you think about resurrecting EJ and having a different actor in the role? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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