Amy Duggar King: Tim Tebow’s Mom Tried To Set Her Up With Football Star, Says Reality Cousin

According to a statement in a recent live video, Amy Duggar King and Tim Tebow were almost set up as a couple — by the NFL quarterback’s mom! Rumors have previously circulated about Tebow and Amy’s cousin Jana, so for viewers, it was a bit of a revelation.

She’s best known as the cousin to the family that became famous for the reality show 19 Kids & Counting, and infamous when it was revealed that the eldest brother, Josh, had molested young girls in the years around the filming of their first TV special. Amy was branded on the show as the family’s “rebel cousin” — not brought up in the same home, she didn’t live by the same rules. Amy was allowed to wear pants, date, and otherwise fit into a more mainstream Christianity than the fundamentalist beliefs of her cousins.

Now, her cousins have a new reality show, and rumors are that Josh will soon return to it. Amy and her husband, Dillon King, however, have declared that they won’t appear on the show.

Instead, Amy’s getting her own show — or at least her own hour-long special. It’s to focus on her one-year anniversary with Dillon, and the struggles of their first year of marriage, and airs next week.

Monday afternoon, Amy performed a live video on Instagram, promoting the new show. She dropped a few pieces of information about the show, mentioning her anniversary trip to Mexico and that she’s waiting to hear whether the special will stretch into a full season of episodes. With regard to her musical career, which was once showcased on 19 Kids & Counting, Amy said she had turned down three labels that wanted to sign her because she felt that she wouldn’t be honoring and reflecting Christ in the work they wanted from her.

A lot of viewers asked during the live video whether Amy shares her cousins’ views on LGBTQ+ rights, and she gave a brief answer to that question.

“I have friends that are gay, I have family members that are gay, I love them. That’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t judge them. I love them. So, yeah.”

Amy said she wouldn’t discuss Josh Duggar, because his and Anna’s problems are their own, and that to discuss it would be disrespectful.

What may have really grabbed viewers attention for some, though, was that Amy King appeared to encroach on an area that was once thought to be her cousin Jana’s territory. As long ago as 2014, and as recently as last month, viewers have questioned whether the eldest Duggar daughter and Tim Tebow were a secret item.

In the video, Amy Duggar King answered a question from a viewer, who wondered if Amy followed Tim Tebow. Amy responded by sharing a story about meeting Tebow’s mom, and said that Mrs. Tebow had asked her if she was dating anyone. While Amy didn’t directly say that Mrs. Tebow had tried to set Amy up with the former NFL quarterback, she explained that she’d had to decline, because she was dating Dillon King at the time.

She later added that she was better off.

“Tim Tebow and I wouldn’t have worked out. I don’t want someone famous like that.”

Like the Duggar family, Tebow is also known for his conservative Christian beliefs and politics, which have made him controversial on the field more than once. Even before Josh Duggar’s exposure, Amy’s cousins were surrounded by their own controversies, largely for one of the points Amy answered in her live video: their stance on LGBTQ+ rights. More specifically, the family was well-known for their activism against these rights, particularly with Josh working for the conservative Family Research Council.

With that in common, it’s no surprise viewers would link Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar, but to hear Amy Duggar King hint that she’s the one who could have entered a relationship with the NFL star will definitely be cause for new speculation among viewers.

[Featured Image by Amy Duggar King/Instagram]

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