Ariel Winter’s Mother Denies Trying To Get Nude Photos Of Her Daughter Published

Ariel Winter’s mother denies asking a Hollywood publicist to share nude photos of her older daughter Shanelle Workman. The publicist claims that Chrisoula “Crystal” Workman is lying, according to Radar Online. The television star’s mother fired off a cease and desist order to the publicist, TMZ reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, publicist Jonathan Hay claimed the mother of the Modern Family star contacted him relentlessly to try and convince him to share the alleged nude photos of her daughter with the world to prove that Ariel Winter should not remain in the sister’s custody.

Hay had this to say about Crystal Workman’s denials about trying to get supposedly nude photos of Shanelle Workman published for all the world to see:

“When I saw Chrisoula ‘Crystal’ Workman’s statement on video, I’m sure I felt like most people who saw it … deeply sorry for Ariel and Shanelle.”

Radar Online claims to have seen the email from Ariel Winter’s mother Crystal to the Hollywood publicist. The staff at the celebrity website confirmed that images of Shanelle Workman were included in the online correspondence. The photos reportedly did not show Shanelle completely nude. The pictures of the Modern Family star’s sister allegedly depicted her in what is believed to be a Halloween costume that supposedly shows her bare breasts and lower genital areas. Hay maintains that Shanelle’s “private parts” are completely visible in the photos sent by the woman’s mother.

Crystal Workman’s statement about the nude photos drama reads:

“Guys, I have no naked photos of my daughter – no naked.”

A child custody investigator has allegedly been assigned to Ariel Winter custody case. The supposed attempt to by Crystal Workman to release nude photos of one of her daughters will reportedly be a part of the custody review.