Dustin Hoffman Kisses One Direction’s Niall Horan On Letterman

Dustin Hoffman is a fan, a BIG fan, of One Direction. The legendary actor was sitting next to Niall Horan on Letterman last night and he just couldn’t contain himself.

Hoffman grabbed Horan, pushed his head back, and planted a nice wet kiss on the famous singer.

It’s not exactly clear how the kiss came about. One Direction’s interview on Letterman doesn’t air until tonight so One Direction fans will have to tune in to see how it happened.

But it’s probably safe to say that Hoffman is just a huge One Direction fan and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give Horan a kiss.

This isn’t Horan’s first awkward kiss this of 2012.

During the MTV Awards this year he got a kiss from the slightly more attractive, or at least slightly more female, Katy Perry. The pop singer may have been the teenager’s dream kiss but he’s got to be feel pretty honored to lock lips with Hoffman as well.

After all, the Oscar winning doesn’t just kiss anyone. Hoffman saves most of his kisses for Lisa Gottsegen, his wife for the last three decades.

Well, Gottsegen and Jason Bateman…

jason bateman

Here’s the photo of Niall Horan and Dustin Hoffman sharing a kiss on Letterman.

hoffman and horan

Horan isn’t the only young celebrity to get some unwanted affection lately. Justin Bieber had his own run in with an overly handsy Jenny McCarthy lats month.

The incident on Letterman begs the question: Who would you rather kiss? Dustin Hoffman, Jenny McCarthy or Katy Perry?