Cameron Diaz Not Firing Stylist Rachel Zoe Despite Initial Reports Of A Split

Cameron Diaz has not fired stylist Rachel Zoe, the actress says after reports emerged that the two had parted ways.

Reported emerged this week that after years of working together to prepare for lavish red-carpet events, Zoe had grown too busy with her own aspirations for Cameron Diaz’s liking.

Diaz and Zoe have known each other since 2000 and have a longstanding relationship, the Daily Mail noted. Cameron Diaz’s stylist got credit for many of the perfectly put-together looks of the actress, who has landed on many best-dressed lists during that time.

But Rachel Zoe has her own aspirations and wants to start her own fashion empire, which led many to report that there had been a split with her and Cameron Diaz, as the New York Post noted. The report noted that Zoe has been so busy with her own ventures that the stylist has little time to work with her celebrity clients like Cameron Diaz.

Zoe debuted a clothing line last year, and since then has also rolled out a jewelery and clothing line as well as a partnership with underwear make Jockey.

Cameron’s reps spoke out on Friday to refute reports that the actress was parting with her stylist, E! News reported.

“Cameron works with various stylists, including Rachel, when she is promoting projects,” Diaz’s rep said. “While she does not use one stylist exclusively, Rachel is a close, longtime friend and valued collaborator and they will work together on future projects.”

Cameron Diaz and the stylist had one of the longest-standing relationships in Hollywood, but Diaz is far from Zoe’s only famous client. She has also worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Garner, and Kate Hudson.