‘The Little Couple’ Updates: Bill Klein Teases Cool Projects Ahead, Jen Arnold Shares Will And Zoey Updates

This hiatus of The Little Couple continues, but that does not mean that Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are not still having a lot of great times with kids Will and Zoey. People miss seeing new episodes featuring the family on TLC, and they hope that the legal issues keeping the series off the air are resolved soon. In the meantime, Jen and Bill have kept their supporters updated on the kids via social media.

Will and Zoey recently were in their nanny Kate’s wedding, had time with their grandma during a visit, and had some daddy time while Jen was away at a medical conference. More recently, the family hit up the Houston Zoo and it looks like they had a blast.

During a trip to the zoo with friends, Will and Zoey got to see lions, an elephant, and some giraffes, and the kids were definitely enjoying themselves. Another recent social media post shows that Will and Zoey got to check out the Houston Fire Department with dad Bill.

Jen noted that she had to miss out on the fire department fun, but Bill took Will and Zoey to Station 33 with some cupcakes and the kids got to sit in the fire truck and check out all of the equipment. Some might notice that it did look like more than one person was doing some quality filming of the visit, making some wonder if a Little Couple return might be on the horizon at last.


While it’s been lots of fun and games for Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey lately, Arnold has been tackling plenty of serious stuff too. She has been posting a lot about work-related topics, and she recently joined colleagues and fellow cancer survivors for National Cancer Survivors Day at Stony Brook Medicine where she was a speaker for the event.

What about a return of The Little Couple? As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, a lengthy legal battle over the show has been playing out and it seems that it has gotten more complicated by the day. Not only is Discovery battling LMNO Productions over the show, but Jen and Bill recently filed legal papers related to the battle and their own rights as well.

However, there have been hints of a resolution ahead and a recent tweet from Bill certainly has Little Couple fans talking. He noted that there isn’t enough room in one tweet to tell everybody all they need to know about the exciting things that are happening. However, he teased that there is very cool stuff in the works.

Of course, Klein’s followers immediately jumped to the possibility of having new Little Couple shows coming soon. Unfortunately, Bill didn’t reply to any posts begging for more information so everybody will have to hang tight and wait to see what cool things are revealed in the coming days.

Jen and Bill have put out a couple of books, and it may well be that they have another project like this in the works. Some have speculated in the past that the Little Couple family might be working toward a third adoption, so there is that possibility too. Whatever it is that Jen and Bill are working on, ensuring that the TLC series returns for another season remains at the top of the wish list for their supporters.

When The Little Couple wrapped up its last season many months back, some fans worried that the family might be ready to put an end to their show. However, Jen did indicate last December that they were hoping to be back at some point in 2017 and it looks like both the family and the network are anxious to see that happen. At this point, there is no telling for sure when Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey will be back with new episodes of The Little Couple, but it sounds as if the family might have news to share soon.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]