June 11, 2017
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 95: Official FujiTV Summaries Emerge, Tease Upcoming Frieza Twist

The past week has been pretty intense and crazy for Dragon Ball Super fans. After a series of episode titles and summaries were leaked in 2Chan, it was suggested that the anime would be featuring yet another team shake-up before the Tournament of Power begins, thanks to Frieza betraying Goku and going over to the Universe 4 team. These leaks were eventually debunked by Toshio Yoshitaka, a DBS writer, who stated that the leaks were inaccurate. Interestingly, the official episode summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 has been released by FujiTV, and it is, in a lot of ways, even more fascinating.

"A mysterious group was waiting for Goku and co. Frieza transforms into his golden form and relentlessly knocks down his enemies. In the midst of the battle, Frieza seems to have changed his objective…"
Immediately noticeable from the DBS Episode 95 episode summary from FujiTV was the premise of Frieza changing his purpose at some point during the episode. While this might not exactly refer to a change of heart so radical that the iconic villain would literally change sides, it does suggest that something would definitely happen to the character in next week's episode, and it would most likely affect the Universe 7 representative team in the Tournament of Power.
Avid fans of Dragon Ball Super have weighed in on the issue in online forums such as Reddit, and so far, the community has pretty much been split about what might really happen in DBS Episode 95. For one, numerous fans have suggested that Toshio's initial denial of the alleged leaks last week might not really be referring to the anime's plot, but instead, to his participation in the episode. During the height of the 2Chan leaks, it was suggested that Toshio would be working on Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 as a writer. This, of course, was eventually proven false. With this in mind, numerous DBS fans are suggesting that Toshio might simply be responding to this particular aspect of the leaks when he "debunked" the rumors.

As for the plot of DBS Episode 95, the 2Chan leaks suggested that Frieza would be having a change of heart after getting resurrected. This would allegedly result in the villain abandoning the Universe 7 team in favor of Universe 4. While these actual developments might seem like a shot in the dark, the idea of a Frieza heel turn is something that would really be well within the villain's character. Of course, the chances of Frieza joining Universe 4 are very slim, considering that the villain has not even met the God of Destruction of U4. However, the possibility that Frieza's actions in the next week's episode would call his loyalties into question are very significant.

Interestingly, something very similar has happened before in Dragon Ball Super. During the final act of the Future Trunks arc, leaked provisional titles that were ultimately proven false when compared to the final episode titles emerged. In terms of the summaries that were attached to the initial leaks, however, the events that were teased in the provisional teasers proved to be quite accurate when compared to the final plot of the anime's episodes. When the official episode titles were released during this time, the DBS community was quick to dub the provisional titles and their leaked summaries completely false. This, of course, turned out to be a premature conclusion.

So what really would happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 95? While the actual plot of the episode would be in question until it actually airs, one thing is definitely sure. Something would definitely happen within Frieza in Ep 95, and his actions would most likely have aftereffects in the Tournament of Power, and the Universe 7 representative team as a whole.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]