Ann Coulter To GOP: Give Up On Taxes, We Lost [Video]

know it’s a dark day for the GOP when one of their top advocates tells them to lay down their arms regarding raising taxes in this country. Controversial conservative firebrand Ann Coulter did just that, shocking Sean Hannity on the Wednesday night episode of his Fox News program.

A big part of negotiations regarding the upcoming “fiscal cliff” is whether or not to raise taxes on the super rich in this country. Though House Speaker John Boehner has at least said he’s willing to look at revenues, most congressional GOP figures have not budged on the issue that Democrats say is crucial to solving our financial crisis.

Coulter, known for her outspoken and at-times harsh political perspective, said on Wednesday that Republicans should give up the fight against raising taxes on the rich, very simply because the GOP lost the 2012 election. Sean Hannity said that that the House should just extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

“OK fine, let’s do that, but in the end, at some point, if the Bush tax cuts are repealed and everyone’s taxes go up, I promise you Republicans will get blamed for it,” Coulter said. “It doesn’t mean you cave on everything, but there are some things Republicans do that feed into what the media is telling America about Republicans.”

“So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?” Hannity asked.

“Not exactly, I–” Coulter said, before clarifying, “Well, yeah, I guess I am.”

“You’re saying capitulate to Obama?” Hannity reacted. “We don’t have a revenue problem, Ann.”

“We lost the election, Sean!” Coulter replied.

Here’s video of Ann Coulter saying tax hikes on the rich are a-OK with her: