DOGTV Announces New TV Show Aimed At Pet Adoption — Yes, There’s A Cable Channel For Dogs

TV is going to the dogs and canines along with their owners are excited about it. DOGTV is a new cable channel that features programming geared towards dogs. With therapeutic benefits that help dogs suffering from disorders such as separation anxiety, DOGTV has featured TV shows that dogs can watch 24 hours per day. In a new press release, DOGTV announced the launch of a new TV show geared towards humans who are interested in adopting rescue and shelter dogs. The Adoption Show is a 15-minute segment that showcases 10 dogs that are currently up for adoption in shelters across the nation. You can watch a video from the first episode below. Expert dog trainer Victoria Stillwell hosts the Adoption Show. Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer for DOGTV Ron Levi released a statement regarding the Adoption Show. You may read it below.

“DOGTV subscribers are passionate about their own pets in addition to the wellbeing of all animals. Launching the Adoption Show across our network will inspire this dedicated group to help dogs in need, whether they are adopting a dog themselves, or sharing information on adoptable dogs with their friends. We are looking forward to rewarding those who open their hearts and homes to a rescue dog from our show by offering special adoption kits to help make the transition smooth for both the pet and their owner.”

Though DOGTV is a subscription-based cable channel, they have made many videos available for those who want to learn more about the network. Pet owners and their dogs can watch the videos and get a feel for the shows and type of programming DOGTV offers.

DOGTV is running a wonderful promotion for owners of rescue dogs. Those who have rescued a dog are invited to submit a photo of their rescue pet and each week, DOGTV will select 10 rescue dogs to feature on their Facebook cover photo. The submissions will then be added to the official rescue wall website on the Fourth of July. Those who submit photos will get one month of DOGTV free as well as some special treats from DOGTV’s partners. You can find out more about submitting photos of your rescue dog and sharing his or her story at the official site.

DOGTV hopes that many people will spread the word about the Adoption Show via social media networks. The Adoption Show through DOGTV has partnered with multiple rescue shelters such as the SPCA, the San Francisco SPCA, Chicago Canine Rescue, San Diego Humane Society, and the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. You can follow the Adoption Show via social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

DOGTV even launched a live Facebook stream when the show aired earlier on Friday. You can watch that video as it streamed live below.

Some have questioned if dogs really need a 24 hour, 7 days a week cable network that caters to their needs. According to the official site, a team of experts spent three hours researching dogs’ responses to the cable network and programming. A statement on the website reads as follows.

“DOGTV was developed by world leading pet and TV experts. The content was created following more than three years of research on dog vision, hearing and behavior. DOGTV’s content was tested by Professor Nicholas Dodman (at Tufts University), and is proven to be a valuable tool for home enrichment for dogs Leading brands are associating with DOGTV, showing its acceptance in the pet community.”

Currently, DOGTV is available in 13 countries and through 32 cable and satellite providers. Are you going to sign up for DOGTV or submit your dog’s rescue story for a free month?

[Featured Image by DOGTV/PR Newswire]