Chipper Jones Dating Playboy Model Taylor Higgins, A.K.A. Lexi Ray Taylor

Recently divorced Chipper Jones is now dating Playboy model Taylor Higgins.

Higgins may be better known by Playboy aficionados as “Coed” Lexi Ray or Lexi Ray Taylor, a frequently naked blonde model who specializes, according to Busted Coverage, in live cams, “naked shower videos, and your run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots.”

But Jones does more than just film herself taking showers. She also likes to shoot guns.

In a Playboy Coed interview, Lexi said: “I’m surprisingly good at shooting a gun! I love to go deer hunting and just practice my shot during the off-season. It’s a great way to get rid of stress.”

You can see a video of Lexi Ray Taylor, Chipper Jones’ new Playboy model girlfriend, playing spin the bottle with a couple of other models here. And yes, the link is NSFW.

Taylor attended the University of Kentucky a few years ago and was named the Coed of the Month once by Playboy. She’s appeared on the website a few more times through the years but she apparently has never been in the print magazine.

Jones officially announced his divorce from his second wife, Sharon Logonov, in November.

Jones wrote on Twitter:

“Divorce finalized … had great time with ex-teammates and friends last nite. Happy 18th anny, Tongue and Groove! Keep doing your thang!”

Logonov was Jones’ second wife. His first marriage ended when he got caught cheating with a Hooters waitress. And to add more drama to the situation, the affair resulted in a child.

But now, let’s turn our focus to the reason you read this article: Photos of Lexi Ray.

You can get a much more NSFW slathering of photos with the help of Google. They aren’t hard to find, but here are some photos that the former MLB star and the sometimes Playboy model posted to Twitter.

chipper jones

chipper jones

And just for good measure, here are some SFW photos of Jones’ new girlfriend.

lexi ray


Are you surprised that Chipper Jones is dating a Playboy model?