‘Poldark’ Season 3: Five Facts You Need To Know Before The BBC One Premiere

Ross Poldark is about to return to television screens in the U.K. Poldark Season 3 premieres this Sunday (June 11) on BBC One. Poldark Season 2 concluded airing on BBC One in November 2016, and the series is already heading back to TV.

Season 3 will premiere on PBC Masterpiece, October 1. That means fans watching on PBS will have to wait almost two months after it concludes airing on BBC One to watch Poldark Season 3. If you need to see some Poldark to tide you over until then, you can watch the Poldark Season 3 trailer on PBS Masterpiece’s official YouTube account, here.

Given the wait between the Poldark Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere, Poldark fans might need a refresher on where this dazzling tale left off and some insight into where it’s headed. Here are five facts you need to know before Poldark Season 3’s BBC One premiere.

Warning: This article contains mild Poldark Season 3 spoilers.

Poldark Season 3 Fact No. 1: Ross cheated on Demelza in Poldark Season 2 and the ramifications will continue in Season 3.

Why Ross? Why? Towards the end of Poldark Season 2, Ross did the unthinkable, cheating on his devoted wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) with former flame Elizabeth (Heida Reed). As previously opined on the Inquisitr, whether Ross can and will find redemption in Poldark Season 3 should be at the center of Poldark Season 3.

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At first unapologetic, Ross (Aidan Turner) eventually realized the error of his ways and was able to convince a fed-up Demelza to give him another chance. Will Ross succeed at winning her back in Poldark Season 3?

Poldark Season 3 Fact No. 2: Ross might have sired a baby with Elizabeth.

One huge cloud that threatens to eclipse Ross and Demelza’s second chance at happiness is the possibility that Ross has fathered a baby with Elizabeth, following their encounter in Poldark Season 2. While neither Ross nor Demelza seemed to acknowledge the possibility in Poldark Season 2, expect that to change in Season 2.

In an interview published on PressParty, actress Eleanor Tomlinson, who portrays Demelza on Poldark, revealed that the paternity question would be weighing on Demelza when Poldark Season 3 begins.

“Last series ended with Elizabeth finding out she was pregnant and that is very much where we pickup Demelza, waiting to see when this baby comes.

“Whilst Demelza is dealing with the emotions surrounding that, she has decided to stay with her husband through thick and thin, with the hope he will now include her in his decision making and they will handle this and everything else as a team and as the power couple that they are.”

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Poldark Season 3 Fact No. 3: New characters might undermine Ross and Demelza’s marital progress.

Ross and Demelza are trying to rebuild their family in Season 3 after Ross helped it implode in Poldark Season 2. With a new cast of characters set to take the stage in Poldark Season 3, that goal might be interrupted.

Not helping matters is the introduction of Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse), an aristocrat who takes a shining to a forlorn Demelza. Eleanor Tomlinson enlightened Poldark fans on their dynamic in Poldark Season 3 in the interview published on PressParty.

As previously reported by Digital Spy, Demelza’s brothers and Elizabeth’s cousin are set to play major roles in Poldark Season 3. Per the trailer for the new season, it appears there will be some Romeo-and-Juliet-style drama between Demelza’s brother Drake (Harry Richardson) and Elizabeth’s cousin, Morwenna (Ellise Chappell). With Ross and Demelza’s historically differing views on romance, will the two come to blows over her brother’s relationship?

Poldark Season 3 Fact No. 4: Ross is back in positive financial status.

Towards the end of Poldark Season 2, Ross’ financial situation dramatically improved. As Poldark fans know, Ross’ fortune is subject to frequent highs and lows. So while he starts Season 3 on a positive note, it is unclear how long that will last. Ross’ business is always a huge source of drama on Poldark and Season 3 should be no exception.

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Will Demelza’s brothers help or hurt the situation? Will Dwight’s storyline impact it, at all? Poldark fans will have to wait and see.

Poldark Season 3 Fact No. 5: George Warleggan and Ross Poldark’s feud will reach a new and unexpected level.

By marrying Elizabeth and taking over the reins at Trenwith, the familial abode of the Poldarks, George (Jack Farthing) has won several battles. If you thought that meant George and Ross would be at each others’ throats more than ever, you may be surprised to learn things might be different in Poldark Season 3.

In an interview published on PressParty, Aidan Turner, who portrays the titular Poldark, revealed the rivalry between Ross and George would take an unexpected direction in Poldark Season 3. Turner teased the following details about Ross and George’s rivalry in Poldark Season 3.

“For the sake of their wives and children they have to come to some sort of understanding or resolution. It is quite a mature move from both characters. Whether it will last… who knows? But it certainly starts off in the right direction.”

Find out if Ross and George can call a permanent truce when Poldark Season 3 premieres. Poldark Season 3 premieres June 11 on BBC One and October 1 on PBS Masterpiece.

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