June 9, 2017
Fans Pay Tribute To Fan Favorite Poussey Washington As Season 5 Of 'Orange Is The New Black' Hits Netlfix

Orange Is The New Black is streaming again but there's one void that viewers of the show just can't seem to get over — the absence of Poussey Washington.

After waiting for almost a year, Season 5 of the hit show is finally available to livestream and fans have taken to social media to let their friends know that they're currently binging on the latest season of Netflix's hit show.

But while most fans are excited to see what is going on at Litchfield Prison this year, there are scores of other fans who have taken to social media to remember fan-favorite Poussey following her death last season.

"When you start the first episode and remember Poussey is dead #OITNB," one fan wrote along with a crying emoji.

With another fan actually admitting to shedding tears following the death of Poussey.

"Man, I had a year to get over loosing #Poussey and after rewatching season 4 of #OITNB I still totally lost it."
And multiple fans claimed that they got teary-eyed while watching the recap of the Season 4.
"Oh god, already crying and I'm just watching the recap #OITNB #Poussey"
When the show posted a photo promoting the new season on their Facebook page, one fan commented that she's not over Poussey's death.
"Still not over Poussey dying last season."
"She'll always be our girl," the show commented back to the fan.

As you will recall, Poussey was killed when she was accidentally suffocated by Corrections Officer Bayley during a scuffle in the cafeteria. Fellow inmates were brought to tears and filled with outrage following her untimely death.

Poussey Washington spends time at the Litchfield Prison Library in an episode of Orange Is The New Black
Poussey Washington at Litchfield Prison [Featured Image by Netflix/Facebook]

But just because her character is no longer on the show, it seems as though actress Samira Wiley will still watch the upcoming season.

"So. Freaking. EXCITED!," the actress tweeted along with dancing gif from the show on June 5, 2017.

Earlier this year, Wiley sat down with USA Today and dished on her feelings following her exit from the show.

"I don't exactly right now know weird it will be."
The actress also admitted that she feels incredibly happy that her character became such a vital part of the show.
"Honored that Poussey was such a huge influence on the show, and (she) has such a big resonance with people who are watching it. I think it will probably be a little weird, but I think it will also feel good to see that she doesn't just go away, that hopefully, people will be talking about her for a long time in the show. And in the world, too."
Samira's new found free time following the show allowed her to tie the knot to longtime girlfriend Lauren Morelli the past March. The two met on set of OITNB in 2012. Of course as most fans know, Lauren is a writer and producer for the show.The pair got married in an intimate ceremony in Palm Springs in front of close family and friends. And the couple recently shared details of their nuptials in an exclusive with Martha Stewart Weddings.

"There must be a confetti shortage in the world," Morelli said of the ceremony.

Wiley wore a gorgeous gown created by famed designer Christian Siriano, who is also a friend of hers.

"Having spent years in an orange jumpsuit, Samira really wanted to have her fairytale wedding moment and therefore opted for a more traditional look," Sirano told People Magazine.

It's nice to see that Wiley's real life fairytale had a better ending than that of her character Poussey Washington. We're sure fans of the show can agree on that.

Orange Is The New Black is currently streaming on Netflix.

[Featured Image by Netflix/Facebook]