Kurt Angle Wants A Match With Finn Balor Sooner Rather Than Later

There has been some speculation about Kurt Angle returning to a WWE ring since he was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year. During his induction speech, Kurt didn’t mention the possibility of his retirement from the ring. After Wrestlemania 33, he was revealed as the new General Manager of Raw, but that has only added to the rumors that The Olympic Hero will wrestle sooner or later inside a WWE ring.

According to Angle himself, WWE officials are monitoring him for an in-ring return. There are many dream matches the WWE Universe would love to see and the sooner Kurt Angle is medically cleared to compete the better. Seth Rollins, The Miz, and Triple H have all been rumored for potential feuds and matches with Kurt Angle over the past several weeks, but the man in question mentioned another performer he’d like to face.

During a recent interview with Metro, Kurt Angle spoke highly of Finn Balor and revealed that he would like to wrestle him above almost anyone. He shared stories about seeing his potential over a decade ago while he was working for New Japan. In the present day, Finn is one of the top babyfaces in the industry. The current GM of Raw said the following about Finn Balor and discussed his desire to have a match with him someday.

Finn Balor Has Actually Known Kurt Angle For Over a Decade

“I’ve known Finn for ten years because I was wrestling over in Japan when he was there. I remember him as this young kid with a Justin Bieber-style haircut with the hair spinning all over his head. What he’s been able to do over the past ten years is incredible, not just wrestling in the junior division in Japan to the heavyweight division, but bringing this character to life. Being able to do a program with him would be awesome. I’m sure he dreamed of wrestling me back then, now I’m dreaming of wrestling him.”

Most WWE fans were unaware of the history the two men share from their time together in New Japan. It is a testament to the raw talent that Balor possesses that Angle took note of him many years ago. Now, there is a chance that wrestling fans could see Angle vs. Balor at some point in the near future if Kurt is cleared for a match with him. The only question is how the feud would work given both men are babyfaces on WWE TV.

Finn Balor vs Kurt Angle Could Happen at Some Point in the Near Future

There have been rumors about Kurt turning heel over the coming months. The “text message” angle that has been running on WWE television over the past few weeks could force Angle to join The Authority or else the information that could “ruin” Kurt would be used against him. That would open up the door for him to feud with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Finn Balor. For the latter, it would be a dream come true for many.

In the ring, Balor’s agility and offense against Angle’s technical skill would be quite the spectacle to watch. A feud between them would most likely be built to a huge PPV like WWE Summerslam. The latest update said that Angle wouldn’t be medically cleared to compete until the end of the year at best. Therefore, a bout with Balor could happen at WWE Royal Rumble or on the grandest stage of them all in New Orleans next year.

There are a plethora of dream matches the fans would love to see from the WWE Hall of Famer. Kurt has all but confirmed that an in-ring return is coming for him eventually. Whenever that time comes, Angle will be asked who he’d like to work with, and he’s confirmed that Finn Balor’s name will be at the top of the list.

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