Abby Lee Miller Code Violation: Who Did She Blame For Poorly-Maintained Vacation Home?

Reports previously stated that former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller was recently slapped with a code violation on her home in Davenport, Florida, after neighbors complained about the unsanitary conditions of her swimming pool. But is she really blaming someone else for the situation, as a new report is hinting?

Last month, the Inquisitr reported that Abby Lee Miller, 50, had to deal with code violations after it was discovered that her Florida vacation home was in poor shape, with the Dance Moms mainstay reported not to have been to the home in about a year and a half, nor had anyone take care of the place while she is away. The violations were brought to the attention of the local Homeowner’s Association Board, who noticed that the swimming pool, in particular, was infested by mosquitoes and fair game to mice and rats.

“One of the board members went over there to get the pool running because it was infested with mosquitoes. He had to clean, filter and shock the pool heavily,” said Homeowner’s Association Board representative Frederick Beyer at the time.

With close to a month having passed since Abby Lee Miller’s code violation, it appears that Miller has recently returned to her vacation home, with nothing good to say on social media about the people whom she supposedly hired to take care of things. According to Radar Online, Miller put the blame on her landscaper, whom she had hired to come by the house every two weeks for maintenance.

“Why do I pay a landscaper to come every two weeks? What is his crew doing? NOTHING!”

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In an Instagram video quoted by Radar, Abby Lee Miller detailed how she and a neighbor were taking care of matters themselves and trying to clean up the Florida home.

“I’m in my backyard here and we are doing all this work. We’re trimming and cutting, all of the dead leaves and branches from the lack of water. My poor flowers are all dead. I have furniture out here that’s rusted right through from the sun.”

Radar Online noted that Abby Lee Miller and her neighbor seemed to have successfully cleaned up the pool earlier this week, a remarkable change from the time it reportedly had dark green water, with the aforementioned pests and fallen leaves giving it an unsanitary appearance.

Abby Lee Miller’s code violation is one of the more recent challenges the former Dance Moms star had gone through, as she is preparing to serve a sentence of one year and one day after pleading guilty to fraud charges. As Life and Style Mag recalled, the 50-year-old Miller was indicted for fraud in October of 2015 after she had allegedly kept some $775,000 worth of earnings from Dance Moms and other endeavors in a secret bank account.

More recently, Miller has faced criticism from her replacement on Dance Moms, Cheryl Burke, who appeared on The Steve Harvey Show earlier this week to call Abby Lee out for being overly strict toward the girls who show up at ALDC for mentoring. According to Burke, Miller’s penchant for perfection and strict teaching style was “traumatizing” to her students and “even (their) mothers,” even if she’s not the type to raise her voice at the girls.

Meanwhile, Abby Lee Miller is still making the most out of the last few weeks before her jail sentence begins and hoping for the best for her post-prison career. In an interview last month with Us Magazine, Miller said her biggest fear is that she may not be able to find ways to be productive while behind bars. She also admitted to being unprepared at that point and still having a lot of unanswered questions about how to cope with life in prison, or as she called them, “normal questions that a normal person would ask.”

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