‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu Will Have Her Hands Full With Charlotte-Will Valentin Be Home Soon?

It was a heartbreaking moment on General Hospital this week when Valentin Cassadine was torn away from his daughter Charlotte. His past has caught up with him and he is now supposedly headed to prison because of his involvement with the chimera project years ago. His little girl is now living with Lulu and Dante. Her mother is thrilled that she finally has her daughter with her, but it may not be as rosy as she thinks it will be.

Lulu’s dream of having Charlotte live with her instead of her father has come true. This is exactly what she has been fighting for, but Charlotte may not be as compliant and happy as she has been. It was a long road for her to trust her mother. Charlotte had warmed up to Lulu and started looking forward to visiting with her, Dante, and Rocco. However, according to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Dante will be busy with his investigation of Ava’s accident. That means Lulu will have to deal with Charlotte at home. She will have her hands full with keeping Charlotte happy now that her papa is no longer in the picture.

Valentin and Charlotte have a close relationship, and he was really emotional when he had to say goodbye to her. Unfortunately, he couldn’t spend time with her before he left Port Charles to face his treason charges, so he was forced to leave a video message for her instead. He told her that he had to go away for a while, but that he would eventually be back.

When her daddy made her go with Dante and Lulu when they were at the cabin a few days ago, she had no idea that it would be long term. Charlotte assumed that she would be staying for a short visit until he came for her. Once she sees the video of him saying goodbye for a long while, she is expected to be quite upset.

General Hospital viewers have seen just how angry that child can get. She has lashed out at Lulu many times before. This will set her off and make Lulu’s life very difficult. She is already feeling a little guilty about having her daughter’s father sent away. Lulu had told Dante that Charlotte may blame her for what happened, and it sounds like that will come true.

Charlotte may eventually calm down for Dante and Lulu, but in the meantime, she will rage against them. Her separation from her papa is bound to be hard. Will Lulu be able to get through to her daughter and raise her as she had envisioned?

There may actually be a light at the end of the tunnel for both Valentin and Charlotte. There is no word yet on just how long he will be away from Port Charles, but all hints point to Valentin being set free and not going to prison after all. There seems to be something up that points to his charges being dropped somehow.

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital had both Alex and Anna visiting with Valentin before he was sent away in handcuffs. Alex had supposedly escaped from the WSB and wanted him to go away with her. Or does Anna have something planned to get him off?

Having the charges dropped would be great for Charlotte, but not so much for Lulu. She wants to be the one who raises her daughter, or at least have the custody agreement changed so she can spend more time with her. If Valentin does come back soon for Charlotte, he could possibly have a change of heart and be more compliant when it comes to their daughter.

Until he does come home, Charlotte will lash out at Lulu because she is hurt and angry that her papa was taken away from her. Will Lulu be able to handle her child after all? Will Charlotte eventually run away because she is so unhappy? That little girl is truly her father’s daughter.

Do you think Valentin will make it back to Charlotte very soon? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if he somehow returns scot-free.

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