‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 95-97 Leaks: Official Titles Revealed As Latest Round Of Rumors Get Debunked

The latest round of Dragon Ball Super rumors for Episodes 94-96 has managed to set the popular anime’s community on fire, as it was initially alleged that the upcoming episodes would feature a heel turn for Universe 7’s latest member, Frieza. As recently confirmed by one of the anime’s writers, however, these recent rumors are just in the realm of speculation, and for now, at least, there is no confirmation that Frieza would indeed do a heel turn and betray Goku’s team.

The initial leaks, which were first sourced through 2Chan and shared by notable fan-translator Ken Xyro, stated that Frieza, who was just recruited by Goku to fight for the Universe 7 team, would be betraying his teammates by joining the Universe 4 fighters instead. Apart from this, the initial leaks also gave the impression that Yamcha, a veteran fighter from classic DB series such as Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, would likely be the 10th fighter in the Universe 7 team as a stand-in due to Frieza’s alleged betrayal. This information was clarified and debunked by Toshio916, one of the writers of Dragon Ball Super.

Inasmuch as the premise was interesting, however, there were several problems that emerged in the latest round of Dragon Ball Super rumors. For one, it remains unknown if the Tournament of Power would allow a fighter from one universe to represent an opposing universe. Hence, the idea of Frieza betraying his allies right after getting resurrected seemed flawed. Apart from this, Yamcha, which the leaks suggested would likely be the 10th and final Universe 7 fighter, is horribly underpowered compared to the other fighters in the U7 representative team. Thus, while interesting, some inconsistencies in character and plot eventually emerged from the latest round of DBS leaks.

Fortunately, scans for Episode 94 to Episode 98 were finally made available. As provided by noted DBS fan-translator Ken Xyro, the official titles for Episode 96 and 97, while absent of any plot summaries, do not suggest any heel turn for Frieza nor any reference to Yamcha being featured on any upcoming episodes.

Overall, the official titles for DBS Episode 96 and 97, “The Time Has Come! Carrying the Fate of the Universe to the World of Void!” and “Survive! Tournament of Power Finally Begins!” do sound a lot more legitimate than the initial leaked titles, which tagged the two episodes as “Emergency Again! He is the Last Warrior?!” and “Who Will Survive?! Tournament of Power Finally Begins!” Between the two initially leaked titles, Episode 96 definitely appeared to be the odd man out, especially as it does not even follow the usual phrasing of conventional DBS titles.

With this new information in mind, it does seem that the plot of the anime would be progressing steadily over the next few weeks. Episode 95 would still feature a rampage from Frieza, as this was already confirmed by official scans. After this hiccup, however, it appears that things would finally move forward for the Universe 7 team. Of course, what Frieza does in the Tournament of Power would be completely up for question, especially since the character’s voice actor has confirmed that an interaction between Frieza and Frost would happen at some point during the Tournament of Power. Thus, while a heel turn for the iconic villain would not be happening anytime soon, such a twist might still occur when the Tournament of Power actually begins.

Dragon Ball Super is heading towards its most ambitious saga to date, and from what could be determined from every twist that the anime has introduced over the past few weeks, it appears that Toei Animation is not sparing any expense in ensuring that the Universe Survival Arc would be the franchise’s most epic story yet.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]