‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Wally Kurth On Justin And Adrienne, Reveals Kiriakis Never Lost Hope

Days Of Our Lives features iconic couples that end up back together despite separations and divorces. Justin Kiriakis has been married and divorced from Adrienne (Judi Evans) a total of three times. Even though she is Lucas Horton’s (Bryan Dattilo) wife now, Wally Kurth teased that Sonny Kiriakis’ (Freddie Smith) disappearance might bring the former couple closer. Find out what the actor had to say about his character on the NBC soap opera.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the long-running series.

Last week on Days Of Our Lives, Justin told Adrienne that Sonny Kiriakis and several other Salem residents were missing. They are alive, but stranded on an island and Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) has been infected with Jungle Madness. John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) plan on going to search for the missing passengers. Adrienne told her ex-husband that she wanted to go with them. Justin agreed, but only if she goes to her follow-up appointment with the doctor. Afterward, they can join John and Marlena’s search and hopefully, they will find their son.

In the latest issue of TV Guide, Wally Kurth discussed Justin and Adrienne. He hinted that the DOOL character has never lost hope. Could they end up getting back together? More importantly, should they reconcile or are they better off apart?

“Well, Justin has never lost hope. There’s a magnetic force that keeps pulling him back to Adrienne. But should they be together? They seem to have good chemistry, but when they’re apart, the chemistry’s even better.”

Days Of Our Lives fans are divided on which man is better for Adrienne. Some feel that she belongs with Justin. However, others are happy that she chose to marry Lucas.

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Speaking of marriage proposals, Wally Kurth was also asked about proposing on two different soap operas (he also appears on General Hospital as Ned Quartermaine) and getting rejections from both. To make matters even more interesting, they happened on the same day.

“That’s as good as it gets, isn’t it? [Laughs] I loved that! Hey, shouldn’t that get me in the Guinness Book Of World Records or something?”

Many fans are wondering how Kurth manages to film both Days Of Our Lives and General Hospital. There are times that the schedules overlap, so how does he manage it? Besides not having contracts, it turns out that the producers of both shows work together in scheduling Wally’s time.

“My hat’s off to the producers, who make phone calls to one another and work it out. Sometimes I’m at Days in the morning and then zip over to GH in the afternoon, but it’s all good. I’m so grateful. I gobble up every script that comes to my door. I’m like, ‘Thank you! Thank you! You really like me!'”

Even though the actor could not reveal DOOL spoilers regarding Justin and Adrienne, it is clear that they will bond while searching for Sonny. Their son is missing and understandably, they are worried and panicking. However, will it really get them closer in a romantic sense? Even though some viewers don’t like Lucas and Adrienne together, he does treat her well. It would be devastating to see his heart get broken after being so patient.

What do you think of what Wally Kurth said about Justin Kiriakis? Will he ever give up on getting back together with Adrienne? Will Sonny’s disappearance cause Justin and Adrienne to get closer as they search for their child? Keep watching Days Of Our Lives to find out what happens with the former couple.

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