Tiny Harris ‘Shock Pregnancy’ With T.I. Could Ruin Rapper’s Romance With Bernice Burgos

Tiny Harris being pregnant with T.I.’s child at this given time could potentially ruin the former couple’s plans to remain friends following their decision to part ways and divorce, it’s been claimed.

Multiple reports claim that Tiny Harris and her estranged husband have still been sexually intimate with one another, and that’s despite the fact that the rapper has since moved on with Instagram model Bernice Burgos.

Burgos and the “Whatever You Like” star have reportedly been seeing one another since January, with Tiny Harris having publicly stressed that she and T.I. are officially a thing of the past and are only communicating whenever it concerns their children.

Now, however, Hollywood Life has shared how a recent get-together turned into more than just a simple conversation, and from what’s been gathered, Tiny Harris has been left wondering whether she’s expecting another baby from the man she is currently in the midst of divorcing.

It’s said that Tiny Harris has worked extremely hard to get on good terms with the rap star, especially since she heavily blames Bernice for being the main reason why her marriage ended up falling apart, so finding herself pregnant again is going to ruin their chances of remaining friends.

One insider explained, saying that with Bernice hearing about the pregnancy rumor, she’ll evidently ditch T.I. in a split second, and it should be mentioned that neither Tiny Harris nor her estranged husband wants another baby with each other — if anything, they don’t want to be together.

It’s being explained that their hookup was what they consider an “Oops!” moment, but it seems as if that’s now going to have its consequences, as it will not only ruin T.I.’s relationship with Bernice but also mean that Tiny Harris will birth yet another child from the rapper.

“If Tiny is pregnant again then she hasn’t told T.I. about it! They haven’t hooked-up for some time, so he would be pretty surprised if she was,” the insider gushes. “Although accidents do happen, the last time they did sleep together he was really careful.”

“Having more kids together isn’t something either of them have discussed, and let’s face it, the timing would be terrible. Tiny has always said that she’s done having kids, and that she wants to enjoy being free and single again — so, it seems unlikely that she would have gotten pregnant.”

Aside from the fact that Tiny Harris wouldn’t want to find herself pregnant with another baby from T.I., the singer is in the midst of planning a major comeback with her group Xscape, who are currently filming their reality show ahead of their Essence Festival performance, Billboard confirms.

Performing with a growing baby bump and potentially hitting the road across North America is going to make things extremely difficult on Tiny Harris. She’s convinced that if she was to find out she’s expecting another child, it would bring so much drama and unnecessary hassle into her life which she clearly doesn’t need right now.

Her friendship with T.I. will be ruined and the Xscape comeback will be in turmoil — two things Tiny Harris can’t afford to lose right now.

As of now, Tiny hasn’t addressed the rumors concerning the chances of her being pregnant again, but multiple sources are claiming that the singer has certainly been sexually active with T.I. over the past couple of months, despite the fact that the rapper is supposed to have committed himself to Bernice.

Harris admitted in an interview with Wendy Williams earlier this year that she would certainly share a friendship with benefits even after the divorce with T.I. is finalized, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to now know that Harris has conceived yet another child.

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