Tiny Harris To Reconcile With T.I: Bernice Burgos Fears Rapper Will Dump Her

Tiny Harris could potentially be calling off her divorce with T.I, it’s been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, Tiny Harris and her estranged husband have been more than usual, and that’s despite the fact that the rapper is still said to be in a relationship with Bernice Burgos, the woman who reportedly came in between the couple, to begin with.

Tiny Harris was livid when she found out that Bernice and T.I had been hooking up behind her back, which prompted her to file for divorce earlier this year, E! Online reports, but according to sources, the twosome are in a much better space, with one insider stressing that T.I may want to get back with the singer.

There’s no denying that the “Live Your Life” hitmaker feels bad for how things have ended between him and Tiny Harris. Furthermore, the couple has separated on multiple occasions before realizing that they are better off together, so this doesn’t surprise fans at all.

With that said, however, Bernice is still in the picture, and according to Hollywood Life, she’s still spending a significant amount of time with T.I, even though he’s been speaking with Tiny Harris a lot.

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The Instagram model seems convinced that she’s eventually going to be dumped by T.I so that he can reconcile with Tiny Harris and get his marriage back on track, a source shares, which has become one of her biggest worries.

Bernice supposedly feels like she’s in a never-ending competition against Tiny — losing T.I to the woman he’s still married to would devastate her because she’s grown feelings for the rapper that she hasn’t shared with anybody else.

“Bernice totally feels in competition with Tiny,” an insider gushes to the celebrity news outlet. She feels Tiny Harris holds all the power, as she’s the baby momma, and she has all this shared history with T.I.”

“Bernice is hella insecure when it comes to their relationship and she’s constantly terrified T.I. is going to go running back to Tiny at any moment. That’s why she’s on a posting jag, with all these sexy pics, showing the world how hot she is as a reminder to T.I.”

Tiny Harris can’t stand Bernice, not just because she ruined her marriage with her husband but also because she’s been teasing the former Xscape singer by flaunting her romance with T.I all over social media — almost as if her intentions are to get under Tiny’s skin.

Tiny thinks that Bernice is totally out of line and if she was to hook up with T.I under the radar, she wouldn’t have had a problem with it because she had already decided she was going to divorce the rapper.

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With it being that the Instagram star continuously taunts Tiny Harris with suggestive comments on the social media platform, as revealed via Bossip, the 41-year-old has grown tired of the disrespect, having publicly stressed that Burgos needs to “stay in her lane.”

Of course, now that Tiny Harris and T.I. are said to be on better terms, with the potential chance that they will reconcile, it would seem as if the “Softest Place On Earth” star will end up having the last laugh.

“Tiny thinks Bernice’s behavior lately is just pathetic,” Hollywood Life continues. “Bernice is obviously desperate for attention. Tiny Harris is totally taking the high ground on this and is refusing to be pulled into Bernice’s pettiness and attention-seeking drama.”

Harris has shied away from reports claiming that she might be getting back with her estranged husband, but given the fact that they have separated on multiple occasions in the past, it certainly wouldn’t surprise fans.

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