Tiny Harris Won’t Divorce T.I. If Rapper Dumps Bernice Burgos: Couple To Reconcile?

Tiny Harris has given the impression to T.I. that if he was to dump Bernice Burgos, she would consider the idea of calling off the divorce, it’s been alleged.

Tiny originally filed the court papers back in December, taking to social media to mention that the split was caused by T.I.’s supposed cheating affairs with other women — one of them reportedly being with Bernice Burgos.

Bernice and T.I. would go on to form a relationship after Harris had made it known she was no longer with the man she once considered the love of her life, and since then, the two have found themselves bickering over everything regarding their divorce.

Sharing their assets has reportedly been a problem because the duo has been very stingy as far as who is entitled to what. Because Tiny Harris has already been on bad terms with the “Whatever You Like” star over his relationship with Bernice, she’s not been willing to play nice when it comes to giving up properties and cars.

But in the midst of dealing with the divorce process, Tiny Harris has reportedly realized that the reason why she’s so annoyed and angered with some of T.I.’s behavior, such as his alleged cheating ways, is because she still cares for him enough to even consider a reconciliation.

Sources say that deep down, Tiny Harris doesn’t want the divorce but she doesn’t want to keep on being played like she’s a fool either. She knows that the way T.I. has been treating her has not been fair — and with the fact that he’s been seeing Bernice for months just goes to show that the marriage with Tiny meant nothing to him. At least in her mind.

Hollywood Life insinuates that if Bernice was no longer in the picture, she would probably consider the idea of calling off the divorce and making things right with her estranged husband because it goes without saying that she still loves him.

“Tiny is still struggling to come to terms with the ending of her marriage with TI, she is heartbroken. She filed because he checked out of the marriage, not the other way around,” the insider shares.

“She is torn because after everything she has been put through with TI, deep in her heart, she still doesn’t want to leave him but at the same time, she knows she can’t stay in a marriage if he has no loyalty or integrity. Tiny has been forced into a bad situation where she has no choice but to move forward with her decision to end things for good and move on.”

Tiny Harris was livid when she found out that T.I. had been dating Bernice Burgos for the past couple of months, having allegedly blamed the Instagram model as one of the reasons why her marriage ended up falling flat in December.

Tiny and Bernice have publicly shared insults between one another over Instagram, BET explains, with Harris making it known that she despises Burgos for what she’s done to her relationship. Of course, she also holds T.I. accountable for his actions but the supposed fact that Bernice would entertain a relationship with the rapper is out of the question.

Tiny Harris is currently focused on a new reality show that will focus its attention on the return of the hit group Xscape, who will make their anticipated return at this year’s Essence Festival followed with plans to potentially release a new album and organize a North American tour.

Tiny Harris has remained rather quiet regarding rumors that she’d consider getting back with T.I. if he was to end things with Bernice.

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