Tiny Harris Hints At T.I. Reconciliation: Bernice Burgos Dumped, Couple Call Off Divorce?

Tiny Harris has somewhat hinted that there’s a slight chance she will not be pulling through with her plans to divorce longtime husband T.I.

According to reports, Tiny Harris recently gave an interview with Jules Uncut, as cited by Belle Naija, where she shockingly admitted that her divorce arrangement with the rapper is complicated “because sometimes we are getting divorced, sometimes we are not.”

The comments were rather surprising to fans since it was Tiny Harris who made the decision to end the marriage in December, stressing that she had grown tired of her estranged husband’s cheating ways.

Following the news that she planned to divorce the 36-year-old, it was reported that T.I. had been seeing Fashion Nova model Bernice Burgos, who he’s been romantically linked to since January.

It’s no secret that Tiny Harris can’t stand Bernice, having hinted that Bernice may have had an affair with T.I. while the “Live Your Life” star prior to the Xscape singer calling it quits. The twosome has shared insults to one another over social media, making it known they aren’t fond of one another.

Still, it’s puzzling fans to think that Tiny Harris has somewhat hinted that there is a chance she will not be divorcing T.I., especially since he’s been with Bernice for the past couple of months — unless, the duo has secretly parted ways, of course.

“It’s like some days we’re divorced and some days we’re not,” Tiny Harris explains, Hollywood Life quotes the singer saying. “It is a work in progress though cause I don’t like dropping off my kids and he be like ‘I’m finning to take the kids,’ and I’ll be ‘no you are not, they are going with me today.’ Like who told you, just cause you came in town boo.”

“But I try to work with his schedule and let him have the kids or whatever, but that is a little difficult for me sometimes because I don’t really like parting from my baby. If you want to take the boys and whatever, cool, but when you are trying to take the baby, and you want to me gone, no. I don’t really enjoy that.”

Tiny Harris is currently in the midst of prepping for her comeback with her R&B group, Xscape, who will be gracing the Essence Festival stage in just a couple of weeks time, followed by the premiere of their forthcoming reality show, as they plan their big reunion together.

Now that the family’s VH1 show, A Family Hustle, has come to an end, it’s unclear where Tiny Harris and her husband stand as far as their marriage is concerned. T.I. filed his own divorce papers in April, giving off the impression that he was ready to move on with his life, but with the recent comments that the 41-year-old has made, it would seem like the initial plan has changed.

Of course, this still leads fans to wonder what’s going to happen with Bernice Burgos, who had allegedly been telling friends and family members that she’s head over heels in love with T.I. and was sure to have a long future with the hip-hop star.

Despite the feuding with Tiny Harris, Bernice was sure that she would be able to make things work with T.I. away from his estranged wife, and once the former couple was to have pulled through with their divorce, things would have gradually gotten easier for Bernice because she would have been rest assured that Tiny and her man are officially over.

Judging by what Tiny Harris has said in a recent interview, it would seem that the divorce could potentially be called off sooner than one would’ve thought.

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