Nikki Bella Almost Had A Huge Wardrobe Malfunction In New Video On The Bella Twins YouTube Page

Nikki Bella hasn’t been featured on WWE programming since WrestleMania 33. It was rumored for months that the former WWE Divas Champion would be retiring after Nikki’s fairytale ending on the grandest stage of them all. While the rumors were right about her suffering from some neck issues, Nikki will continue her current hiatus for a little longer. She’s not expected to retire as an active competitor from the company yet.

There is a lot of speculation regarding her WWE return over the next few months, especially with Brie Bella possibly making a comeback of her own. On SmackDown Live, there is plenty for Nikki Bella to accomplish in WWE. However, there isn’t a timetable for her return to WWE television, and her personal life is as busy as it has ever been. After Cena’s proposal to her, she has the wedding of the century to plan and much more.

Since WrestleMania 33, Brie and Daniel Bryan had their first child, which means Nikki is playing the role of an aunt for the first time. There’ve been false rumors about WWE releasing her. Meanwhile, John and Nikki are planning their highly anticipated wedding, which will be extravagant. A Bella/Cena wedding isn’t going to be a small and quiet ceremony after their engagement took place on the grandest stage in pro wrestling.

Nikki Bella Hasnt Been Seen Since John Cenas Proposal at Wrestlemania 33

There is a lot of speculation about the event being televised on Total Divas or Total Bellas. Their romance is now mainstream after all the publicity it was given at WrestleMania 33. As the months pass by, there will be a lot more information regarding their wedding. Recently, Nikki Bella revealed a potential wedding dress to her fans and had a wardrobe malfunction during a video she posted on The Bella Twins YouTube channel.

It was a close call, but the moment was so humorous that Nikki Bella kept it in the video for laughs. She has never been shy or without a sense of humor about showing off her body. As an active performer for WWE, it is something that goes along with the job. In the past, her confidence has been praised by many fans and is a big reason why she’s become the star she is today. In fact, many people are curious about her wedding dress.

While Nikki Bella plans her wedding and is present for the early days of parenthood for Bryan and Brie, the WWE Universe is wondering if children are also in the near future for Nikki and John. The speculation will continue about that issue, but WWE fans are also curious when “Fearless” Nikki will get back into the ring.

Nikki Bella Sets Up Paige For the Rack Attack

While Nikki Bella has been away and focusing on her personal life, SmackDown Live has changed since the grandest stage of them all. The recent “Superstar Shakeup” brought a lot of changes to the blue brand. One such change was Charlotte Flair coming to Tuesday nights. During WrestleMania weekend, Charlotte Flair and Nikki Bella did interviews together sharing ideas about how to renew their past rivalry from 2014.

A lot of people are glad that Nikki Bella is absent from WWE programming. The belief is it gives new talent the opportunity to get over with the fans. SmackDown Live has established a stronger Women’s division on television since the brand extension went into effect. Nikki Bella’s role is helpful in the growth and depth of the show, but her hiatus has created an opportunity for the other women to take her spot. The Bella brand is at an all-time high right now. Along with her wedding, Nikki will be busy whenever she returns to the ring.

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