Nikki Bella Reacts To Fake News On Facebook: No, She’s Not Getting Released For Endorsing Weight Loss Product

Nikki Bella has not been seen on WWE programming since John Cena proposed to her at WrestleMania 33 last month and isn’t expected to be back soon. But as previously stated, she is not retiring from wrestling just yet, and she is definitely not getting released by the WWE, which she made clear in a series of tweets debunking a fake news post she supposedly saw on Facebook.

Although there was a lot of speculation prior to WrestleMania that the 33-year-old former Divas Champion would be hanging up her wrestling boots due to injury-related issues, reports leading up to ‘Mania put to rest any speculation that Bella would be retiring soon. While Nikki admitted to dealing with pain related to last year’s neck surgery that took her out of action for several months, it was reported in February that she would merely be going on hiatus after WrestleMania, with hopes that she could return for “major events.”

This was reiterated in April, mere days after WrestleMania 33, as Nikki described herself to CBS New York as a “WWE lifer” who simply needs to take time off to recuperate from injuries.

Still, that hasn’t put to rest speculation that the WWE Universe may have seen the last of the “Fearless” one. But is she in danger of retiring, or worse, getting fired by the WWE?

Both John Cena and Nikki Bella have been away from WWE programming since their onscreen engagement at ‘WrestleMania 33.’ [Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]

Yesterday, the website published an article claiming that Nikki Bella is likely to be released by the WWE, claiming that the “well known [sic]” women’s wrestler and Total Bellas star has long struggled with weight problems, but has managed to stay fit and slim through a certain weight loss product.

“It’s no secret Nikki Bella, two-time Divas Champion is well known to WWE. While it is true that she has been a professional athlete most of her life, her fight with genetically inherited weight issues has always been a battle. Recently on Twitter she revealed her little secret for weight maintenance and the biggest part of her body confidence. WWE lashed out at her for her endorsing such a product. The backlash was difficult for her to manage and now so could be let go from WWE.”

The article also claimed to have quoted Nikki as saying that WWE can “sue (her) for trying to make a difference” by using such a product and being willing to tell people how that product has worked for her.

As one can probably surmise after reading that article, Nikki Bella never said such things and is not at risk of being released by WWE. She herself had confirmed this last night on Twitter, noting that she had seen the supposed report on Facebook as a sponsored post.

A look at shows several telltale signs that the website is, in fact, promoting fake news. Opening the website would reveal an ostensibly genuine-looking copy of ESPN’s site layout, but it is noticeably different if one would look at how the ESPN website appears right now. The fake news site further tries to look genuine by using realistic-looking writer names, but the actual article titles, which supposedly feature top stories on well-known female athletes, have obvious misspellings – tennis star Caroline Wozniacki (“Wazniaki”) and recently retired MMA fighter Miesha Tate (“Meisha”) both have their names spelled incorrectly.

As for the actual article claiming that Nikki Bella is in danger of being released by WWE, the entire report goes into full-on advertorial mode after Nikki’s “quotes,” as it focuses mainly on the products apparently being advertised, Slim Zero Garcinia Cambogia, and Slim Zero Green Coffee. Clicking on the other links on the left side initially redirects to a website called “Funny Viral Network,” before making a couple more redirects that ultimately lead users to the Slim Zero Garcinia website. noted that what happened to Bella was similar to what happened to New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady last year. But while the Brady “report” appeared to have been generated by article-spinning software,‘s article seems to be written by a human writer, with some grammatical and formatting errors, but no odd usage of words that tends to be the trademark of spun articles.

With all that said, the WWE Universe can rest easy – any article claiming Nikki Bella is getting released by the WWE for endorsing weight loss products is most likely fake news, though we’ve yet to hear similar stories of such articles appearing as sponsored posts on Facebook.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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