'One Piece' Chapter 869: Bege's Castle Against Big Mom's Forces, Will Linlin Know She Ate Mother Caramel?

The wait for One Piece Chapter 869 of the manga series begins. It should be a thrilling wait and definitely a chapter that fans should not miss as it will reveal how the Allied Forces will fare now that their KX launcher attacks failed to take down Big Mom and their only means of escape was shattered. However, it appears that Eiichiro Oda is hinting that something may affect to the Yonko to a degree that will surpass even the effect of the breaking of the picture - the realization that it was her who ate Mother Caramel and all of her friends.

Assassination Plot Fails, Escape Plan Shatters

One Piece Chapter 868, titled "KX Launcher," is now available in a number of online sites such as Manga Stream. The recent installment confirmed several speculations made in a previous article by the Inquisitr. The plot has now returned to the wedding, Big Mom unknowingly killed Mother Caramel along with the other children, and the possibility of the Yonko surviving even after the deadly poisoned rocket launcher attack.

With the Yonko finally reacting to Mother Caramel's broken picture, Capone Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates wasted no time and brought out their weapon of choice for taking down the Yonko. The KX launcher, which is also the title of the chapter, contains a potent poison specifically designed by the mad scientist Caesar Clown for the purpose of killing Big Mom. It was the perfect moment because the Yonko's underlings were too stunned to stop the attacks due to her ear-piercing screams.

To their surprise, Big Mom was not affected by the KX launcher attacks at all. It seems that her screams are far too powerful than expected that even the projectiles were reduced to dust before they made contact with their intended target.

But that's not all, a crucial part of the alliance's plan was also shattered by the Yonko's powerful scream. As previously explained by Capone Bege, their sole exit from the castle is via a single mirror located inside the room where the wedding ceremony took place.

However, that option is no longer available for the retreating Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates. The sole mirror that was to be their exit was shattered by the sound of Big Mom's scream.

Bege's Last Resort - Rook Ein Grosser Vater: Big Father

Fortunately for the Alliance, Bege has another surprise up his sleeve. He used a technique called Rook Ein Grosser Vater: Big Father, which basically transformed his entire body into a giant well-fortified castle-like golem.

In the coming One Piece Chapter 869, the Straw Hat - Fire Tanks Alliance will take refuge inside the now transformed Bege. The castle seems to be heavily armed; several cannons can be seen jutting out of its towers. But since they are right in the middle of Big Mom territory, the best course of action is probably for Bege, using his cannons, to blast a path for them to escape.

While the Vinsmokes were not featured in the recent chapter, their clone army could be invaluable in this scenario. However, they need to get out of Big Mom's castle and get in touch with their loyal underlings or somehow send word to their troops to storm the castle. It is also likely that they will join the Straw Hats inside Bege's body in the coming One Piece 869.

Linlin Ate Her Friends And Mother Caramel

Chapter 868 also confirmed previous speculations saying that Big Mom might have eaten Mother Caramel and, in the process, absorbed her powers. There are two witnesses to the horrifying event: an Elbaf warrior which explains the giant kingdom's hatred for Big Mom and the other one is Streusen, Big Mom's first crew member, and its head chef.

However, it appears that in revealing the presence of two witnesses to the deed, Oda might be setting up for Linlin to eventually learn that it was her who ate Mother Caramel and the other children. If this happens in One Piece Chapter 869 or in a later chapter, how will the Yonko react?