‘Southern Charm’ Stars Kathryn Dennis Thomas Ravenel Have Reportedly Struck A Custody Deal

Many Southern Charm fans were shocked to see a photo of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel sitting down to lunch at Gentry, one of the restaurants owned by their friends J.D. and Elizabeth on Monday, especially after a weekend of posts about Ravenel trying to put Kathryn behind bars. But while some people thought that the Southern Charm pair were perhaps back together, others in the know figured out the real deal, that the two were finally deciding to put egos aside and strike a deal that both can live with, and more importantly, one that was best for their children Kensie and Saint. So when word came out today that the two had put an agreement down on paper, one that both Kathryn and Thomas could live with, friends of the two were not surprised, but those who believed much of the nastiness that tabloids have published can’t imagine why Thomas would negotiate with Kathryn if there was truth to the drug test rumors.

But there at Gentry, sitting down for some of the best fried chicken in Charleston was Southern Charm former couple Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, and nobody was throwing a drink or picking up a knife for anything other than slicing some of Gentry’s best. And even more shocking was that both Kathryn and Thomas were smiling. Was this a photo op for the show? Maybe, but with the clock ticking, and both Kathryn and Thomas due back in court where a judge was going to decide the who what where when and why Kathryn and Thomas would share custody, and allegedly, the judge had promised that neither party would be happy, as is the case in most family court situations.


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Will Folks of Fitsnews, who also happens to be a friend of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, and a friend of yours truly (plus the guy who introduced the two), posted this evening that a deal was struck between the leggy redhead and the 54-year-old politician. At this time, it is alleged that the details have been hashed out, but supposedly, all of the signatures and seals have not been affixed on the dotted lines.

At this time, neither party has spoken out, but it is likely that once all is said and done, both Kathryn and Thomas will at least acknowledge that there is a deal in place. But at this time, sources close to Ravenel are saying that the agreement will cover a whole host of things like parental rights and all things financial concerning the day to day care of Kensie and Saint Ravenel.

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But this is not the first time that the Southern Charm couple allegedly came to the table to try and get an agreement on the books. Kathryn and Thomas met over a month ago in a formal mediation meeting, which oddly included a deposition of Jennifer Snowden, and things broke down in the late hours of that Friday evening.

Fitsnews has previously reported that putting an agreement on paper would be best for both Dennis and Ravenel because both parties had some serious skeletons that the other party was ready to use if necessary, and that nothing good would come of this information going public. Folks called this “mutually assured destruction.”


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But fans of Southern Charm are sure of one thing, and that is that if a deal is struck between Thomas and Kathryn, Landon will be persona non grata all around. Kathryn has called Landon “messy,” but if Kathryn and Thomas make an agreement, it seems likely that Landon won’t have much use for Thomas either, as Landon has played tug of war with Kathryn over Thomas’ affections.

Do you think that Southern Charm couple Kathryn and Thomas will sign on the dotted line, and put the year of stress behind them?

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