‘Big Brother 19’ Start Date: The ‘BB19’ Cast Will Enter House Well Before Season Premiere On CBS

The Big Brother 19 start date is officially June 28 on CBS. The BB19 cast will enter the house before the season premiere airs on television, though, giving producers a chance to put together a lot of footage. This is typically how the producers have worked with the Big Brother houseguests over the past few years, having them enter the game the weekend prior to when the first episode finally airs on CBS. This means that the BB19 cast will have several days together in the game before the fans even learn what has been going on.

Why Isn’t The Big Brother 19 Start Date The Same Day The BB19 Cast Enters The House?

As it is advertised by CBS on the main Big Brother website, the Big Brother 19 start date for fans is on June 28. That’s not when the BB19 cast begins counting the days that they have been in the house, though, as it will take place a few days before the season premiere if producers stick to the recent schedule. Day 1 will most likely be the Saturday of the prior weekend (June 24). This means that the BB19 cast will have been in the house for nearly five days when the season premiere is finally shown to CBS viewers.

The reason for the delay is quite simple, as the producers want to make sure that not only does the BB19 cast understand the rules of the game, but that there is enough footage to put together the first few episodes of the program as well. Important moments have typically taken place in those first few days, giving the potential for Big Brother 19 spoilers to be leaked before June 28 rolls around. Key moments that have happened in the past include an early eviction, someone leaving the game, and quite a few competitions like the first HOH being awarded.

When Will Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Get Turned On For Subscribers?

The Big Brother 19 live feeds will be available through the CBS All Access application this summer. Some bad news was made available to subscribers, though, as the BB19 live feeds aren’t going to be turned on until after the second episode of the season airs on the West Coast. To break that down further, the Big Brother 19 live feeds will turn on at 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET on the evening of June 29. That’s a long time for viewers to have to wait to catch up on what has been taking place inside the BB19 house.

This isn’t new for the Big Brother 19 season, as producers have been delaying the live feeds for several seasons in order to make sure that people are tuning in for those first few episodes. It also limits the number of confirmed Big Brother 19 spoilers that will hit social media before CBS viewers can even watch the season premiere. One that leaked before the first episode of Big Brother 18 was the names of four returning houseguests who would be joining the BB18 cast.

Big Brother 18 Recap And Early Big Brother 20 Renewal

With Big Brother 18, producers had four returning houseguests join a group of 12 new houseguests. It was a way to introduce a new cast while still putting some “fan favorites” in the mix. The returning houseguests were James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, and Da’Vonne Rogers. Nicole ended up beating Paul Abrahamian in a jury vote to become the Big Brother 18 winner and earn the $500,000 prize. There were a number of noteworthy members of the BB18 cast who could be good for a “second chance” season in the future.

As for the future of the reality competition show, CBS has already pre-ordered Big Brother 20 for summer 2018. Host Julie Chen has stated that she would love for the BB20 cast to be composed only of past winners, giving the show a chance to crown an overall champion during its long run on CBS. That can be filed under unconfirmed Big Brother rumors, though, as production has made no official statements about how that season will work.

When Is Big Brother 19 Cast Announcement?

Fans should expect to see the Big Brother 19 cast announcement within the next two weeks. Since the season premiere is scheduled for June 28, the latest that host Julie Chen is likely to introduce the BB19 cast is on June 19. It could even happen before that date, as CBS could use the All Access application to relay bios and cast videos like they did with Big Brother 18. The BB19 house tour should be coming up during the next two weeks as well, with Julie Chen likely to reveal footage during an episode of The Talk.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, former houseguest Evel Dick Donato (Big Brother 8 winner) has some advice for prospective members of the Big Brother 19 cast. It includes some very important tips about how to act on camera, which alliances can work the best, and how important it is for houseguests to keep the viewers on their side. Those tips could work well and help a new houseguest to possibly become the Big Brother 19 winner this summer.

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