‘Big Brother 19’ News: Evel Dick Has Advice For ‘BB19’ Cast, Tips On How To Win ‘Big Brother’ 2017 Season

Big Brother 19 news may be scarce, but former houseguest Evel Dick has advice for the BB19 cast. With the Big Brother 19 season premiere coming on June 28, Evel Dick Donato shared some key wisdom on social media Tuesday (June 6), pointing out how new houseguests can succeed in the game. While some of the things that Evel Dick has to say may seem pretty obvious to die-hard viewers of the reality competition show, past Big Brother contestants have not followed his advice.

Who Is Evel Dick Donato And Why Is He Offering Advice To BB19 Cast Members?

One of the more infamous participants on the show, Dick Donato won Big Brother 8 and returned to participate on Big Brother 13 as the teammate of his daughter Daniele Donato. He has always been known as one of the more successful villains on the show and has many fans who feel he was one of the best players the game has seen. Evel Dick is also one of the reasons that some fans are hopeful for a season putting all the former winners against each other.

When the first Big Brother 19 rumors started hitting the internet, Evel Dick began addressing them and even dropping his own hints about what might be coming up for the show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Evel Dick even stated that he was providing some Big Brother 19 spoilers when he said that Michelle Meyer would be joining the BB19 cast. As a former villain of the show, it’s unclear whether his comments about the BB19 cast can be trusted. The advice he is providing is a different story though.

What Tips Is Evel Dick Offering To The BB19 Cast?

As previous Big Brother 19 rumors have confirmed, all the cast hopefuls have already been contacted by production and know they could be appearing on CBS this summer. This gives the BB19 cast a chance to familiarize themselves with the program and how it works. Most of the advice from Evel Dick pertains to how they will be perceived on social media and on the live feeds.

Summarizing some of the advice Evel Dick has posted on his Twitter feed, he tells potential BB19 cast members to not emulate past houseguests, to review past episodes to see what strategies work, to not pretend to be innocent about turning on alliance members, and to try hard to be charismatic and interesting. He also had some sly remarks about the way Nicole Franzel played the game and said that BB19 houseguests should not avoid getting blood on their hands.

Why Should Big Brother 19 Contestants Listen To Dick Donato?

To put it bluntly, Evel Dick knows what he is talking about, so anyone set to appear on Big Brother 19 should review his advice and tips for being on the show. While some fans might question the way that he played the game, he did win the $500,000 prize and does have some good advice for how BB19 cast members can avoid the pitfalls that come from a reality show where the cameras are always turned on.

Several past cast members have been fired from their jobs for racist and homophobic remarks made on camera, future employment could depend on how the BB19 cast is perceived, and people should never forget that they are always on camera. This means that everything that is said and done inside the BB19 house is going to placed under a microscope and reexamined by everyone watching the show.

Big Brother 19 Schedule And Countdown To BB19 Cast Reveal

Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will serve as Big Brother 19 nights on CBS, beginning with the two-hour season premiere on June 28. Following that first episode, Sundays will be used to reveal the weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will focus on the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and then Thursdays will have the Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household (HOH) Competitions.

The BB19 cast reveal is likely coming within the next 10 days, giving fans something to look forward to and some answers about all the various Big Brother 19 rumors on the internet. From that point, there will be a lot of debate on social media about the BB19 cast and thoughts from former houseguests on the pending season. For now, though, anyone who has a shot to appear on Big Brother 19 needs to heed Dick Donato’s advice and study past seasons.

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