Ryan Edwards’ Mom, Jen, Slams His Ex-Girlfriend Dalis: ‘You Just Want Money And Attention!”

Teen Mom OG fans will be rather familiar with the fact that Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout’s ex and the father of Bentley, has been placed in rehab for drug issues. However, his ex, Dalis Connell, who appeared on a few episodes of the show, claims that this isn’t the first time Ryan has been admitted for substance abuse.

“We admitted him to outpatient rehab in December 2012. He was taking Roxycodone… His mom [Jen Edwards] was 100 percent in denial. His dad [Larry Edwards] was the one that pulled the secret out of me. That’s why he went to rehab. His dad had been fed up. I drove there that night and we had an intervention.”

“He relapsed. He wasn’t interested in rehab. We had to drag him there the first time. He never said he wanted to get better, he just wanted the withdrawals to stop,” she told Radar Online in an exclusive statement.

Jen Edwards, however, wasn’t too happy with his ex, clapping back at an article on Starcasm that included the above quote.

“And once again this one needs some attention and money!! Sorry honey but you have quite a bit of this wrong! (sic)” Jen wrote on Twitter with a retweet of the Starcasm article.


Jen also retweeted a tweet from someone else, clearly throwing shade at Dalis.

“That’s cute of her to air his old dirty laundry to make a quick buck. shows real class,” the tweet read.

Dalis, who is evidently a successful fitness model, responded that this was not the case at all via her own social media account. She has been silent for over a month and tweeted again to respond to Jen’s accusations about her son, Ryan Edwards.

“to those saying i responded to @radar_online for money: I was asked a question & answered honestly. period. $ wasn’t even brought up,” she wrote.

She also responded to Jen’s tweets with a series of her own defending her decision to respond to Radar’s questions.

“Needing Money? I didn’t get paid a dime. If I needed money, I would’ve sold ALL of that info when we broke up. But I protected YOUR FAMILY,” she clapped back at Jen.

“I kept that secret for SO long to protect you all.. you know everything I said is the truth. when told, i was relieved he’s getting help!” she continued.


Jen Edwards has yet to respond to the tweets Dalis has sent her.

Sources state that Ryan Edwards has been in rehab for over two weeks now, and the Teen Mom OG dad is finally getting the help he needs. It was also recently revealed that Ryan and his fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, secretly got married before he headed into rehab. The pair were prepared to get married in November, but they rushed it for an unknown reason. It is also unknown why the marriage was kept secret, but some speculate it is because they will be filming for the new series of Teen Mom OG, and the secret wedding will be one of the story lines.

In last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan Edwards’ ex, Maci Bookout, confessed to her castmates that she was really worried about his drug problem and hoped to speak to him in private about it.

“What I’m saying is that everyone else around him is too afraid of what it will look like more than his health…it’s all denial. They all know,” she said of Ryan Edwards’ family.

“Honestly, the hardest thing is for me to see Ryan not love himself because he is a person worth loving. He deserves to love himself,” Maci continued.

According to rumors, Ryan’s drug problem was not addressed on the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

[Featured Image by Jen Edwards/Instagram and Dalis Connell/Instagram]