Gretchen Rossi Responds To Fans Over Return To ‘RHOC’: Are People Happy To See Her Back?

Gretchen Rossi had been on The Real Housewives of Orange County for a few years when she decided to leave the show behind to focus on her business. While there had been rumors that she had been fired from the show, Rossi is now revealing that she has no interest in returning to the show full-time, as she’s working on her business. But since Rossi is friends with Vicki Gunvalson again, it isn’t surprising that she’s returning to the show for a few scenes. Plus, it sounds like Gretchen may have an opinion about Tamra’s marriage to Eddie and those gay rumors that surfaced late last year.

According to a new tweet, Gretchen Rossi is now thanking her Real Housewives of Orange County fans for supporting her decision to return to the show. Of course, Rossi is only filming one or two scenes, but she is stirring up trouble based on what she has to say. She’s almost replicating the return of Lauri Peterson a few years ago, who came back to the show to stir up drama about Vicki Gunvalson supposedly having a threesome. This time around, Gretchen is coming back to the show to talk about Tamra Judge and her husband, Eddie Judge.

“My fans are the best!!! I just adore you guys. Thanks for the continued love and support all these years,” Gretchen Rossi revealed on Twitter after the trailer was released yesterday, showing that Gretchen will be filming a few scenes for the new season.

“We miss you! You were the best part of the show for sure. Stopped watching for a while after u left,” one person wrote to Rossi, who replied with, “Ahh thank you.”

Apparently, fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County are thrilled that Gretchen Rossi is returning to call out Tamra. People are getting tired of Judge always talking about the other ladies and never really facing any drama herself. Now, Gretchen is returning to the show, and she’s ready to talk about Eddie the way Tamra has always talked about Slade Smiley.

“Exactly…so she’s allowed to say whatever she wants about other and their significant others but God forbid someone say something about her or her man,” Gretchen revealed on Twitter when people started inquiring about her return to the show.

Of course, Gretchen Rossi has been absent from the show for a while, but one can imagine she has been watching the show. Gretchen and Vicki Gunvalson have made amends, but she may have watched last year as the ladies traveled to Ireland. Here, Vicki stirred up the drama with Kelly Dodd and Tamra, and this is where their friendship ended. Judge opened up about this in her blog for the show.

“Then there is Vicki that sits there and acts like she has nothing to do with it. Her big mouth was the reason the fight started,” Tamra Judge revealed on her Bravo blog about Vicki Gunvalson last year.

“Kelly now you know how I feel. For nine years I have been a loyal friend to Vicki and all she did was talk behind my back. I told the girls that after forgiving Vicki for the cancer lie I would be done with her if I found out she was talking behind my back again. Well, guess what…you’ll have to wait until next week to hear what Vicki had been telling Kelly about everyone,” Judge continued on her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Do you think it will be interesting to see Gretchen Rossi return to the show to confront her former co-star? Do you think she should return on a full-time basis?

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