World War 3: Japan Prepares For War, North Korea Declares It A ‘Fatal Miscalculation’ To Stop Nuclear Program

With so much talk about World War 3 in the news, Japan is playing it safe and preparing for war, while North Korea has deemed it a “fatal miscalculation” on the part of the United States and those who would try to stop them from developing their nuclear program and conducting weekly missile tests.

On Sunday, in the small Japanese town of Abu, located 475 miles west of Tokyo, an evacuation drill was held. This drill was meant to prepare the town’s 3,500 residents for a missile attack from North Korea, and Abu is now just one of many towns in Japan that are preparing themselves in case North Korea decides to launch missiles in their direction. With many around the world on edge and hoping that North Korea’s missile testing and nuclear program doesn’t lead to an all-out nuclear war, or World War 3, cities and towns around Japan believe it is prudent to prepare for imminent war.

Given the close proximity of Japan to North Korea, residents of Abu are constantly bombarded with news stories about North Korea’s missile tests and nuclear program, and resident Kanako Ono believes that the actions of North Korea impact the lives of Japanese citizens on a daily basis, as Reuters report.

“It’s something close to our daily lives.”

In World War 3 news, Japan prepares for North Korean missile strikes. [Image by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images]

Particularly worrying for Japan is the fact that North Korea have conducted three separate missile tests over the past month, and some of these missiles, along with others launched by North Korea, have ended up landing in the Sea of Japan. Some have even landed in their economic zone, which is 200 miles or less from Japan’s shores.

While these terror simulations in Japan aren’t a guarantee that citizens would all survive something like a missile attack or World War 3, the retired Vice Admiral Yoji Koda believes that the chances for survival in Japan would still be much higher with the simulations than without.

“It’s hard to say how many people will be saved and how much effect it will have. But, with awareness raised and basic procedure understood, the survival rate will definitely be higher.”

Particularly terrifying to many in Japan is the fact that World War 3 could be triggered quite easily as a missile launched from North Korea would only take 10 minutes to hit Japan. The Japanese government would then take several minutes to let local authorities know that a North Korean missile is heading their way, giving minimal, yet crucial time for residents of Japan to evacuate as they have been practicing to do.

As Japan prepares for war, China has united with America and the U.N. Security Council to expand sanctions against North Korea, as the Inquisitr reported. Now China, once North Korea’s ally, is showing clear disapproval of North Korea’s conduct. Even with North Korea’s allies disappearing and with fresh sanctions, North Korea has not relented in World War 3 propaganda, and a spokesman for Kim Jong-un has called it a “fatal miscalculation” to believe that they will ever give up their nuclear program or missile tests, as the Daily Star reported.

“It is a fatal miscalculation if the countries, which have had a hand in the frame-up of the sanctions resolution, would even think that they can delay or hold in check the eye-opening development of the DPRK’s nuclear forces even for a moment.”

Pyongyang, North Korea. [Image by Stringer/Getty Images]

To ward off the threat of World War 3, South Korea’s THAAD missile defense system is fully operational, and the United States Navy has three carriers just off North Korea. Dr. George Friedman believes that these carriers will almost certainly be used, as the Daily Star noted.

“We didn’t deploy carriers as a gesture – we intend to use them.”

Do you agree that it is wise for Japan to prepare for a missile strike or World War 3, and do you think the U.S. will end up going to war with North Korea?

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